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Wotcha everyone,

It is the rainy end of a bank holiday Monday, I’ve got a sausage sandwich-shaped hole in my tum, and tomorrow is A Certain Game’s official launch day.

Aye, the beast that is Guild Wars 2 is upon us.  I have not been involved in the head-start launch as anything other than a spectator, but I still got to hear about issues with accounts, logging in, and general server evil.  All in all, an MMO launch.

My sole participation in the head-start was to Not Help Very Much by installing the game.  My game box arrived on Saturday morning from the Shop of the Amazon, so I installed it and created a game account.  It took a few attempts to get an account created, but that’s both understandable, and no means rare for a new game launch.  It was then a short while the game patched itself.

In a way, it’s been a bit of a strange feeling.  This is the first MMO in a long time where I’ve not been in any way before launch.  Nowadays a game pre-order comes with head-start access at the very least, and quite often some open-beta.  And as the sort of gamer that enjoys an MMO launch, I tend to pre-order.

This time, not.  ArenaNet’s choice of Pre-*Purchase* rather than Pre-*Order* came at a time when I just couldn’t afford to hand over the funds for something that I might not enjoy that much.  At best, I’m a beta scratcher; I can’t invest in a beta so all I do is log on, check out the character creation, the combat, and maybe a bit of hunter-gathering, and then call it quits.  Paying for a few hour’s testing seems counter-intuitive, when there are so many cool toys that I *need*.

But I’m really glad for all those people who did go on; it’s because of their blogging and tweeting that I shall be having a go at Guild Wars 2.  You are all too numerous to mention, but Scarybooster gets a nod for the most in-depth analysis of the game so far, which did in fact prove to be the tipping point between indecision and life-long fandom.

A hearty congratulation to ArenaNet on the launch of their new game.





March 4, 2011 at 4:23 pm | Posted in General | 1 Comment
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Wotcha everyone,

So, the headstart has flashed by in an instant (or a “week” if we want to be more accurate) and launch day is here.  Well, it is if you’re in Europialand; if you are in the Americas, launch day has come and gone.

I am looking forward to massive queues, crashes, server restarts, and a hundred and one sundry other slights and insults that make launch days the experience that they are.

I then expect things (especially the login queues) to get slightly better as time progresses over the next couple of weeks.

This is how things are Meant To Be™, after all.

If they are not, I shall be most distressed.  If there is no four-hour login queue, how am I to get dinner prepared and then cooked?  How am I to catch up on my single-player gaming?  How am I to spend quality time with my lovely lady?  How am I to catch up on all my chores?

If there are no random server restarts, how am I to realise that it’s time to make a lovely cup of tea?  Thirst can be ignored, as can the withdrawal symptoms (shaking, extreme headaches, loss of vision, death), especially if I’m busy pounding some extra-planar tourist into the dirt (Hey honey, that nice Regulos Tours said Telara is particularly nice this time of year.  Shall we have a quick weekend away?).

Most of all, I need to be able to sit here, in three year’s time, and be able to tell all those Johnny-and-Jemima-come-latelys how lucky they are not to have had to sit through all the things that Went Wrong.

Without that sort of tale, how can they respect me and all my wise, sagey advice (that they *must* follow or be Doing It Wrong)?

Alternatively, I hope it all goes swimmingly, and we all get to just log in, play, and have fun.

Once again, good luck Trion.  Good luck us.


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