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Wotcha everyone,

A few weeks ago patch 3.2 was released.  Not exactly fresh news (more “news carrion”, I suppose) but something that was introduced in that patch still makes me smile when I use it.

The Totems Bar.  Or whatever its official name is.

Being a shaman of very little brain, it took me a while to realise that out of all the totems I could use, I tended to use the same four 90% of the time.  So in one of my infrequent UI tidying sessions, I set up those four totems in prime quickslot positions, with standby replacement totems nearby.  And then all the “Once a week, but they’re necessary for a particular fight” totems in slots further away.

Six months later, I marvelled at how much of a mess I’d made of my UI.

So I trimmed it a bit more, and removed all totem icons that I’d not had to click on in the past six months.  Yes, you, Sentry Totem.  I then also, in a break with established tradition, wrote a macro.  Well, copied a macro that someone else had written (I did modify it a little, though).

It was a cast sequence macro that would allow me to use one icon, clicked multiple times, to drop the four most used totems.  It freed up 3 of my quickslots that I really needed for useful things, like heals.  And whilst it felt like I was cheating (one button win!) it did make dropping the same four totems less annoying.

So, when patch 3.2 was released, I’m looking at this here new-fangled Totem Bar.  And felt it was a bit cheeky that we got to pay golds to actually get to use it.  However, it does mean that instead of taking 10 seconds at the start of a fight to drop totems, I can have all four drop at once.  And it’s set up in a way that makes selecting a particular totem very easy, even whilst in combat.  Add that to three separate pre-loads, and it’s a lovely little addition that just works.  And works nicely.

It’s meant that dropping totems, or moving totems, is now really easy.  It means that when I’m instancing or raiding, if the fight moves, so can the totems without taking a good few seconds out of healing.  It means that when soloing, I’m not going to spend longer than the fight itself will last dropping totems.

Blizzard, you got a winner that time.  Ta muchly.




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