Aion: Day One

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Wotcha everyone,

Not the game’s Day One, but my Day One.  Thanks to the vagaries of Amazon’s delivery policies, I got the game on Monday.

First there is my own little montage of installing and patching after coming home from work, followed by creating an account.   Interlaced with scenes of me sorting out the laundry, emptying the dishwasher, doing a little light tidying, and making a brew.

Then, onwards to game! I created a Priest, and whilst the character creation options are less in-depth than some games, there’s more than enough options for me.  Gone are the days when being thoroughly visually unique was important to me.  I chose basic options.  Got me a funky hairdo though.   Not as crazy as some, and not the ‘fro (any game that offers a ‘fro as a hairdo can’t be evil), but still funky.

Then I think I clicked in the wrong place, and joined the Dreaded Queue.  Which meant I could do some more light chores, and even play some Mass Effect on the Xbox.  The queue initially said 5-odd hours, but I was only queueing for 45 minutes give-or-take, so that meant getting to play a game I enjoy, but rarely have time for, and grinding even *more* Fiancee Rep.  I don’t know about you, but for me that’s classed as a win.

After aforementioned Dreaded Queue (which I don’t mind. I’ve no rush to get on, and the only reason I keep mentioning it is because I like typing the word “Queue”. Queue. Queue. Heheh) newly minted Priest Hawley got to see the world.

And it is pretty.  Really pretty.  I’m an anime fan, and Aion has all of the looks of some of the newer, cooler, cgi’d stuff.  I even recognised some of the hairdos, and they must use the same tailors.  Same goes for the mobs; I’ve never brutally murdered such good looking, well-realised monsties.

Yes, the quests were generic.  Go here, kill x whatevers, collect x thingies.  Talk to Jim.  I got to level 6, which didn’t feel like a chore, and then created a couple of alts.  The important part for me was finding out whether or not it was fun.  And it was.  It was lovely seeing a new game, and a new world.  So it’s nothing new? So what.   It’s an atmospheric world, and it might be more style than substance, but at least it’s good style.

There’s no new healing mechanic, and I didn’t get into any groups (admittedly I wasn’t looking for any hot group action, but wouldn’t have refused it) but I did get to wander ’round buffing people at random.  Now that’s something I’ve not been able to do since Everquest, so that was a wonderfully nostalgic thing to do.

Will I play again?  Yes.  I’d like to see where it goes.  I suppose I’ll need to find a legion at some point, because it’s the people that make MMOs special.  But I can take my time doing that.

Will it have the same long term draw of other games I’ve played?   No idea.  Yet.




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