Wotcha everyone,

First of all, I think it’s important to point out that without Arbitrary, this blog wouldn’t exist.  Mainly because I break the intarnets, and Arbitrary knows how to make the arcane science of WordPress bow to her mighty will.

And she’s fantastic at coming up with a good title.  And editing.  And doing all the really useful things to do with publishing posts.  And tags.  I forgot tags.

I, however, am only good for drinking copious amounts of tea, using obscure greetings, and generally having a completely unfounded opinion on most things.  But at least I am fabulous.

*M*M*O*S*H* was set up as a place for posting about playing MMOs, generally from a Healer point of view.  I’ve played a number of MMOs, and they are my favourite genre of game.

I’m a geek of many colours.  I’m a gamer, role-player of both table-top and live varieties, and watcher of films good, bad, and downright weird.  I read a lot.  And then I have the geeky hobbies I don’t admit in public (it’s ok, none of them involve dressing up as Princess Leia and wiggling).

I write as a sort of care in the community thing.  If I didn’t post here, I’d probably have some sort of forum-baced Tourettes, or be found wandering the streets accosting passers-by about repeatable quests, or something similar.

I hope you enjoy reading what you find here.  Thanks.



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  1. I like it…:)

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