Wherein Old Friends Are Treated Ruthlessly

October 21, 2012 at 6:17 pm | Posted in General | 1 Comment
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Wotcha everyone,

For many reasons, I am in the midst of a tidy.

If I’m not careful, my packrat tendencies will take over, and suddenly I’ll have floor-ceiling stacks of Huge Amounts Of Stuff™ occupying every room of the house just in case.  Which leads to then being known as Crazy Hoarder Man, and that won’t end well.

So every so often (more every so than often, unfortunately, but life is like that) there is a tidy.  I get all ruthless, and everything and anything that does not have a purpose marked out for it, or has outlived its purpose, finds itself on the fast-track to rubbish-tip doom.

Some things, however, tend to be exempt.  Games, for one.  Those handy-dandy dvd cases are easy to store, don’t take up much space, and every so often it’s fun to put the disc in and have a blast.

Today, though, I am looking at a pile of MMO boxes.  They’re not the single-player games; I’m looking at World of Warcraft and expansions, Lord of the Rings Online and expansion, Warhammer Online, Aion Online, and a few others.  They’re games I’m not going to play again, and even if I was, the clients are so far beyond the version on the discs that I’m better off… downloading the client from the publisher anyway.

To add to their woes, I’m not even playing these games anymore: not only do I not have the time to play them in any meaningful fashion, but I don’t even want to.  They have outstayed their welcome.  They have gone from being the sort of friends that were erudite, fun and exciting to the sort of house-guests that smell, use up all the toilet paper without replacing it, and use up far too much shelf-space.

Ruthless time; they are more than surplus to requirements.

And here I am, mourning their fate.  They *were* all old friends (well, except you Aion.  Least said soonest mended, and all that), and those boxes are the only physical non-sentient thing that reminds me of the fun I had in those games.

Now they are gone.  I shall wallow in nostalgia for a while.  With a lovely cup of tea.




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