Wherein there is No Particular Order

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Wotcha everyone,

A recent jaunt across the Irish Sea meant No MMOs For Hawley For A Week, which is a harsh period of cold turkey for an addict such as myself.  For reference purposes, it’s worse than No Pizza, but nowhere near as bad as [shudder] No Tea.

Slight tangent: In Ballina, Mayo, there is a restaurant called Padraic’s Restaurant.  It looks like the sort of greasy-spoon diner that was last decorated during the 1970s.  It doesn’t have the ambience of the cooler sort of contemporary eateries, and the menu wasn’t designed and produced on a Mac by someone who is very creative.  Yet the late lunch we had there was my favourite meal of the entire holiday.  You see, at Padraic’s, the service is friendly and welcoming, the food is high quality, the portions are large, and the menu itself is wide-ranging and universally good.  And for what you get, the prices are more than right.

It’s a good job it’s another country away; if there was one in my home town, I’d be twice the size I am.  And I’m big enough already.

Heading slightly back on track: Not being able to play MMOs doesn’t mean I didn’t think about them, and being Multi-Game at the moment, about what makes me *want* to spend time in three different MMOs.

So, in no particular order:

Star Wars: The Old Republic.  The gameplay doesn’t just make The Old Republic some sort of warm woolly blanket every time I need a comfy and welcoming gaming fix.  It’s all those lovely storylines; for the first time I’ve had moments where I’ve sat and thought a decision through before making it.  And once this went so far that I was forced to go and make a brew, and then ponder through the decision before settling on my choice.  I’ve not been forced to do that since Fallout 2, and that’s a long time ago.

I’m also a huge fan of the combat and related class skills.  Playing a trooper makes me feel like I’m playing through my own personal war film, whilst consular felt like an old-school hermit-based wizard.  The skills just support that, and the pin-sharp animations really bring it home.  Yes, every time Hawley picks a droid out of the ground and lobs it at some monsty, I grin like a loon.

The Secret World.  The thing that amazes me about this game is the level of detail that Funcom have brought into this game.  Every time I play, I’m surprised by how deeply immersed I get, how many smart references there are, and how well gauged the atmosphere is.  Just the thought of seeing more of the game world is enough to keep me wanting to play, never mind the sheer joy of the classless character system.

Guild Wars 2.  PvP.  Just WvWvWvWvWvWvWvWvWvWvW me up please, because I loves me some WvWvWvWvWvWvWvWvWvWvW.  Fighting over a dedicated PvP conquest zone is just loads of fun, and something that makes me giggle.  No, I’m not a hardcore PvPer.  I’m not even good at it.  I am, however, enthusiastic and willing.

I had a wonderful time on holiday, but just as it’s always nice to come home after, it’s nice to be able to log on and play an MMO that will give me something that’s whole and hearty.

Oh, and don’t forget to go for a meal in Padraic’s some time.




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