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Wotcha everyone,

Last night I was out soloing in Stonefields.  It’s a fun place, and I’ve progressed through about half of it.

For a while last night, during the late afternoon/early evening, it was buzzing.  A major Death invasion popped, so there were plenty of rifts as well as invasion forces buzzing about.

Fantastic, thinks I.  A bit of rifting, a lovely chunk of xp to take me towards level 26, and with luck some people to sit and heal.

After a short while, I had one of those moments in gaming that sticks.  And by sticks, I mean something that I can bore my grandchildren with when I’m old(er), senile, and think they’re munchkins come to steal my socks.

To the west of Granite falls, there is a wardstone that is precious close to a rift-pop, and they were close enough that I could stand between them, and heal the group fighting against the rift, and the group fighting to defend the wardstone.  Both groups were luckily a part of the same raid, but it was a small raid with just a couple of groups in it, and as such I was the only healer.

That’s right.  Two small groups, a dump-truck full of monsters, and one Hawley.

And for a full five minutes I was, to use the Elite ranking system, more than my usual Deadly and all the way into Elite.  I kept that raid upright, chucking heals, using cooldowns, and generally having a ball.

I had hit one of those Moments, one where the rest of the world seems to be hanging on *my* actions, and mine alone.  It was through my actions that every member of the raid stayed upright, it was through my actions that our desperate struggle continued, and it was through my actions that we held out long enough for another group to arrive; this swayed things enough in our favour that we won both fights.

What makes me remember a game is Moments such as this.  Those times where suddenly, I feel like the most important person on the server.  A great game will give the opportunity for everyone to have these Moments, because it’s from these moments that great war stories come.

It’s also what makes me want to log on and play again.  Well done, Rift.  Keep it up.



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