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March 10, 2011 at 4:33 pm | Posted in General | Leave a comment
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Wotcha everyone,

No, not much posting this week.  I blame, in no particular order:

  • A busy social life.  Being sociable is a good thing, so I don’t complain about things like that.
  • A busy working week.  Which means I am tired when I get home, so less likely to want to put my strange rambling on the internets.
  • A slacker.  That would be me.
  • A lot of Rift.  Well, not compared to most, but I have been using most of my available Geek Time to play.

Yes, I’m really enjoying it.  I love the varied game-play; the appearance of an invasion or a rift changes my gaming priority, and I like that.  I like that I rarely have the opportunity to get bored, and despite the fact that questing is pretty much the same as most other games, and that PvP is still a case of me heading off to get dedded repeatedly, and that leveling is still just leveling, I’m having a ball.

I think it’s safe to say that I have thrown myself into the game, to the exclusion of others.  I’m not even chasing down levels that fast; Cleric Hawley is only level 24, and I have much lower level alts as well, but that’s good.  I’ve not been racing through the game with that level 50 goal in mind (to be perfectly honest, I didn’t even bother finding out what maximum level actually was.  I’ve sort of picked that number up by osmosis, I think), and it will probably be a good month before Cleric Hawley has run out of levels.

Instancing is also fun.  It’s nice to see that of the two levelling instances I’ve been in (Iron Tomb, and an unfortunate lag-hurty visit to Deepstrike Mine that had to be abandoned because of said lag) progression and survival seems to be more about co-operation and forethought, rather than one person messing up *their job* and the group wiping as a result.

Trash mobs are a challenge, bosses are good fights rather than grinding to a formula, and the rewards good.  It’s worth doing the instances for the xp and trez alone; the fact that they’re also fun is pure gravy.

It’s strange, because I wasn’t expecting to get into Rift this much or this quickly.  Right now I’m glad I got the 6 month subscription, especially since it is (with the founder’s pricing) so cheap.  I haven’t even accidentally blown up the guild yet.  Bonus!



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