Thar She Blows!

February 24, 2011 at 4:30 pm | Posted in General | 3 Comments
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Wotcha everyone,

There is a part of me that expects Rift’s servers to collapse this evening.  Or, if you are from one of the Americas, this morning.

Or, if you are Monkey, at some godawful-halfway-through-the dark-hours/people-shouldn’t-have-to-be-awake-at-this-time time.  Wotcha Monkey; I hope you get back to sleep ok.

So, there we go.

I’m not wishing ill of Trion, and I certainly hope that their stress testing worked well, but I’ve seen too many prime game launches and expansion launches to expect anything but a total, complete, and utter collapse of servers.

I can, however, hope that today, Trion will buck the trend by having a headstart launch where everyone gets to play.

Well, those who want to.  When asked if I wanted to go to dinner with my lovely lady’s family yesterday, I answered in the affirmative.  For a start, the food there is always good.  Then there is the fact that social life trumps gaming, every day of the week.  And, of course, there is that whole thing of not wanting to spend the night looking at a message that tells me the servers are down.

With luck I should be able to leap in, make sure it all works, maybe create a character, and then leap out again to go off to dinner.  Quite possibly as a ninja might, when pursued by a pirate.

To everyone who is neither ninja nor pirate, but is in fact a player of MMOs, I hope you all have a fun evening, and one unblighted by server failures, collapes, login queues to the moon and back, and any one of a myriad things that can get between a gamer and game.  Whether that game be Rift or something else.

To Trion; good luck.  I hope this launch evening/morning/scary-early-halfway-through-the-night goes in an ordered, exemplary fashion, to the accompaniment of Beethoven’s 9th and popping corks.




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  1. Well, quite a few recent MMOs have learned the lessons of WoW (and other online games) and actually had either enough servers active or several servers literally on standby to step into the breach.
    Age of Conan launched smoothly as did Aion.
    In fact I recall WAR actually opened too many servers, too fast and spread their player base very thin within the first couple of days. That contributed to them needing a lot of server mergers later….

    I think Trion will have enough servers (2 more opened in the US today) I just hope those 2 small start zones can cope with the population density. I’m also hoping they open a RUS server soon so they have a place to go and flood chat with their crazy Cyrillic script!

    T-Minus 55 minutes; the board is grey.

  2. 1 hour in and all is well: Servers up to the minute, no lag and I’ve had no problems doing any quests.

    Only gripe so far is the base Sound volume seems to have dropped quite a lot so combat is more muted than in Beta 7 (though not near-silent like Beta 6). Ticket raised 5 mins in and reported my first RP name violation just now 🙂

  3. Bwahaha! I did get back to sleep, thank you. Avoided the queue as well, huzzah.

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