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Wotcha everyone,

The Rift beta client has been expunged from my pc, and the Rift release client installed and patched up.

And so, as with all things, the time has come.  Tomorrow the headstart begins, and with it the resolution to all those idle daydreams that come with the release of a new MMO.

Will I enjoy the game?  Will it be a home from home, or just a holiday?  Will there be enough to do once the levelling is over and done with?  Will I level fast enough to be a part of it?  Will this game see me rich, or impoverished?  Will I end up with such an impressive set of characters and achievements that men will want to be me, and women want to be with me?

You may, if you are a lady of the female persuasion, wish to swap the genders involved in that last question, just as homosexuals may wish to.  I’m just going with what works for me.

I suppose this is where the excitement is at fever pitch, because for a start, this is the last time that we get to speculate about how cool things are going to be *once the game is running for keeps*.  Before that, everything is temporary; characters will get sucked into the void once the servers are wiped, so many game rules and concepts are mutable, no-one needs to worry that they’ll get left out.

In the middle, we can point out that those idle daydreams are just that; there’s no proof that what we hope the game will be, and our role in that game, will be vastly different to what we *expect* it to be.

And coming along as the horse’s behind, we don’t have empirical proof that the game has tanked; that the game at launch was completely different to the game in beta, that the community stinks, and that the servers are shutting down three months after the launch day.

All those hopes, all that terror, rolled into one exceedingly geeky, chubby, tea-loving package.  That would be me of course.  You might well be a different package.

You might even not like tea (I won’t hold it against you; it means more tea for me).


p.s. -pation.



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  1. I love the smell of a new MMO in the morning…..or in this case 6pm.

    After much cogitation, consultation, deliberation and calculation I’ve settled on my own special, unique soulflake and look forward to trying to squeeze it into a server full of very similar characters tomorrow night!

    Sithee in Telara!

  2. Ha! After managing to join for a brief spell on the last day of beta, I too have joined the game. Lets see how it goes.


  3. Oh, and it looks like Phil and I will be heading to the Firesand server. (PVP-RP)

    See you in game! 😀

  4. Madness…

  5. 6PM? It’s happening @ 5AM where I am… I’m going to need to shamble out of bed and pick some names, then find my bed again for a few restless hours. You lucky sod!

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