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February 17, 2011 at 6:45 pm | Posted in General | Leave a comment
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Wotcha everyone,

Time flies, doesn’t it?  I suppose this last, open beta for Rift is about a number of things, for a number of people.

For some, it’s about getting those last few testing tweaks done, to confirm the choice of race, class, and starting skills.

For others, it’s about finalising guild details for launch.  For getting all the little details in place to ensure everyone ends up on the same server, on the same side.

And for some, it will be about seeing what Rift is like, perhaps deciding that it isn’t for them, and setting off to play something that *is* for them.

Personally, I think it *is* for me.

I’ve tested and tweaked, and I’m happy with my choice of Cleric>Warden>Sentinel>Cabalist.  I’ve only tried it at low levels, but I’m happy that it works nicely when healing Rift groups, and I’m confident that it should work for instancing too.

It also has a bit of aoe punch for those times when I absolutely, positively, have to kill every narsty in the room.

I have also checked out a few of the options to do with souls and the mechanics around them, and I like them.  Maybe it’s because they’re fresh, but they’re interesting and exciting. I also like the fact that I can, if I want, create a sub-optimal character and because it’s all so expansive and therefore confusing, *no-one can tell at first glance*!

Oh, what fun!

I suppose the thing that has surprised me most is how fast time has flown.  I remember it supposedly being entire whole *months* from launch; now, it’s a week away, when the headstart is factored in.

Gosh.  Whilst I’m not complaining at the rather breath-taking speed that has brought us here (surely it was only New Year when I last blinked?) there is a little trepidation as we scream towards launch.

Will Rift, once launched, be the game that I think it will be based on my beta experiences?  Will it tank, or will it fly?  Have I just thrown away my money on a beta dream?

Ah well, I look forward to finding out.  And, if I’m totally honest, part of all that excitement, all that anticipation is only enhanced by the possibility that Rift could end up being wrrrrrubbish after all.



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