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Wotcha everyone,

Every so often, I get to make a “No-Tea” decision.

They are called such because it’s such a simple decision that I don’t need to sit down with a lovely cup of tea in order to reach that decision.  Whether a “Yes” or a “No”, the issues involved are so simple, so cut-and-dried, that no long and tea-inspired thought process is required.

Today was one such day.

I received an email today from SOE to tell me that they are “…thrilled to invite you to come back to play for FREE from 2/10/2011 – 2/21/2011”.  Come back and play?  Well, Everquest, of course.  On their new-fangled-old-fangled Fippy Darkpaw server.

Others have commented on it; We Fly Spitfires and West Karana both posted about it when the concept was still new enough to be called such.  I, however, am the sort of curmudgeonly soul that just can’t find it in himself to fully embrace this whole retro/nostalgia fad that society is currently entranced with.

In the case of this whole 1980s retro-fad it’s because I was there, and while there was a lot of fun there was also a lot of shit, and no matter how people try and polish it, a turd is still a turd.

Now I get the offer of reliving the MMO equivalent of the 1980s, thanks to SOEs very kind offer of 11 whole and complete free trial days.  Now, the sharp-eyed might note arrived in my mailbox a day after it started, but it’s not my intention to deconstruct their email in a negative way.

Well, not quite.  I appreciate that the delivery of emails can be delayed, after all.

But no, I will not be partaking of SOEs very kind and profit-motivated offer.  I have fond memories of playing Everquest, but they won’t stand up to much scrutiny.

Yes, it was my first foray into MMO gaming, and I played many fun hours, but the simple fact is that if the game was that good, I’d still be playing.  If I missed it that much, I wouldn’t have waited years for a free trial.

I will freely admit that I’m not SOEs greatest fan.  Or any sort of SOE fan.  I played Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, and Everquest 2 before I decided that they just seemed naturally able to suck all the joy out of the MMO genre.  So many of their design choices just seemed bad; in their attempts to stop exploits and practices such as twinking and power-levelling, they just made playing not-fun.

There was one ponderable element to the email, though.  One that’s definately worth putting the kettle on for; that this is a free trial, not a free server.  Now, I’m not aware of how much playing on Fippy Darkpaw would cost, but considering that there are some quite lovely subscription-free games out there (such as Lord of the Rings Online) why would I want to pay for a game that’s over a decade old, and shows it in so many ways?



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