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Wotcha everyone,

Having beaten various rep-vendors with the stick of give-me-your-honoured-and-revered-gear-now, and then beaten the resulting set of melee damage gear with the gems-and-enchants stick to try and eke out every last droplet of damage, I was about as raid ready as Shaman Herewerd could be.

I even decided to put Avalanche on the two blue axes that Shaman Herewerd uses.  It was a tad expensive for something that will hopefully be replaced soon enough, but at the end of the day, damage is damage and plenty is needed.  (Even if the most obvious effect is looking like a small, spherical snowstorm with hooves and tentacles.  Yes, as soon as I can find a way to switch off the enchantment’s effects, I will.  My screen is covered in swirling snowflakes.  It’s embarrassing.)

Keeping a close eye on Recount showed that my damage per second had jumped by about 1,500 points, which in practical terms means normal, surface-world mobs of the same level are easy meat.  Them and all their adds…

In a way, it’s a shame when the outside world becomes less of a challenge, more of a larder.

Anyhoo, I was about as raid-ready as I could get, without extensive Heroic PUG runs for drops and points.

A couple of the community’s officers had also stood up for me, both in helping me to get gems and enchantments sorted, general advice regarding gearing and stats, and then making sure that the rest of the officers didn’t forget that I was now at the point where I could commence raiding.  Which, when you see the callous disregard evinced by so many of the inhabitants of the World that is Warcraft, is really nice; being a part of a community.

Even so, I have a sneaking suspicion that one of the more compelling reasons for why I was chosen was because, in ‘Clysm, it seems that interrupts are the new black; not only was I the only Shaman player who could make it, but no Rogues could make it either.  Hey, I’m not complaining about that.  I wanted to go raiding, and if the random intersection caused by class/ability requirements with the vagaries of player signups is the only reason I get to go gives me the opportunity, I won’t spurn it.  A winning personality and a sunny disposition can only take me so far, especially in a progressive raid team.

It was still nice to go raiding, and it was a reminder about how different raiding in World of Warcraft is to instancing.  Or should that be wake-up call?

The raid team is still working its way through Blackrock Descent, and I got to join in with the process of learning how to take down Maloriak.

Of course, my role was simple; deal damage, and interrupt his Arcane Storm channelled ability, as it seems designed to eat raids.

Well, it was messy, for quite a few attempts.  In all, we spent just shy of 4 hours trying to drop Maloriak, although that wasn’t all one attempt.  There were many.  Many, many attempts.  Some were failures due to wipes, some were intentionally reset by ourselves, some were resets due to us running out of time and hitting the enrage timer.

I also think it’s fair to say that the first attempt’s failure was my mistake.  Unfortunately, I’m one of those disgusting individuals that learns by doing and experiencing, rather than from watching videos or reading notes.  But the upshot is that I do learn quickly, and as a result the first few attempts saw me diligently (on the whole) interrupting, whilst learning what was going on well enough to be able to start doing some damage.

Damage was, admittedly, poor to begin with.  Despite raid buffs, flask and fud it was barely higher than it is unbuffed and unfed.  However, repeated attempts meant that I was able to grow more comfortable with the interrupting, and being more comfortable with one role, I was able to devote more attention to the other.

Slowly, as the raid got further along the fight, my dps rose, until our final attempt saw me at an almost respectable level of damage output.  All that, and interruptions too…

All in all, it was a fun night, and one I had enjoyed regardless of the number of attempts to bring down one boss.  Yes, even when it was all going wrong and it was wipe after wipe, I was still enjoying it.  For me, gaming has always been about the challenge, not about success or failure.

The icing on the cake was that, with time running out, Maloriak was downed.  Even sweeter, out of two items he dropped one was a mail chest ideal for melee dps, so that was me, emerging from the depths of the raid instance, clutching some shiny trez in my sweaty palms.



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