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Wotcha everyone,

You know, I hate it when a game hits my gaming radar.  It awakens the beast within me that is my MMO Tourist, and suddenly I absolutely *have* to get hold of the game when it launches.

I have to be there, shouting angrily at the game client because it’s just not patching fast enough, and bemoaning the size of the queue to log in and create my first character.

Ah, launch day fun.

Don’t worry, I’m still more than aware of the Lesson of Aion, but deep down I’m still more than happy that I can still look forward to a game coming out.  That I can look forward to the release of a game, and look forward to the possibilities that it presents rather than just look back at all the “fails”.

It’s just nice to know that the optimist in me isn’t dead yet, despite the slings and arrows occasionally hefted at it by my inner cynic, and life in general.

So, in the spirit of optimism, here are the games I am looking forward to:

Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Okay, so it’s not Star Wars: Just Like The Movies.  I love the Galactic Civil War period, and whilst I can understand Bioware deciding they wanted a setting where they could feel free to tell the stories they wanted to without having to fight The Lucasarts Man, there are a few things that will always be true:
Stormtrooper armour is cool.  X-wings are cool.  Death Stars are cool.
There is also the fact that, at times, Knights of the Old Republic felt a bit like A N Other science fiction story with a vague Star Wars skin (the races, creatures and planets) and light-sabres.  There, I said it.  Go on, burn me at the stake for being a Sith.
Having said that, Bioware have pulled out some trailers that really caught me up due to a whole shovel-load of Star Wars-ness, so if the game-play has been built with the same shovel, it could be a fabulous game.

The Secret World.
Whenever I think of this game, I get a tingly feeling in my tummy.  It’s very similar to the tingly feelings in my tummy that I usually get when in the presence of Star Wars, Lego, Star Wars Lego, and Tea.
I’m even following Mr Tornquist on that Twitter thing, just in case he lets anything slip about the game.  Or he just wants to get hold of me, and offer me a beta test.
Yes. I want it so badly, I would even go for the beta test of this game.  That is how much I want it.  Squamous and rugose things just do it for me, as does the fact that this is a contemporary horror setting.  That’s new for me, as far as MMO playing goes, and I look forward to it.
In fact, I’m wondering if one of the reasons I got the Indie Horror pack from the Steam sale was because I was subconsciously hoping that The Secret World would pop a hole in the time/space continuuuuuum and come through with the other games.
It didn’t, in case you were wondering.

Yeah, I’m such a hypocrite.  I say I won’t touch it unless all my friends play it, yet here I am looking forward to it.  Why?  Well, I want to see it do well, and it has piqued my interest.  I like games that take a little more effort to play, even if I might not have the time I need in order to play them well.  Or a lot.  I’d say I wasn’t interested in checking out the beta, and have done in the past, but the sad truth is that when a good friend of mine asked if I’d like to peek over his shoulder, I took him up like a shot.  What I saw was impressive for a game yet to be released, and it was fun seeing the differing souls, and how they compared to existing MMO classes from a broad spectrum of games.  I still worry that it’s a methodone rather than a new crack all of its own, but the walls are crumbling and I’ll most probably have pre-ordered it before the week is out.  Sometimes I hate my lack of willpower.  I keep rehearsing that old “It’s purely for research purposes” chestnut.

There we go.  There are only three games, but that’s because I’m the sort of person who hates looking ahead, and seeing the interminably long wait before a game is released.  I’m an instant gratification sort, so for the sake of my own sanity I tend to keep my blinkers on, and only try and notice games when they’re just about to be released.



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  1. good coment for sure you are right about ” I hate it when a game hits my gaming radar” have the same problem …

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