Finding My Own Lemons

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Wotcha everyone,

It’s good to have a hobby.  It’s an excuse to do something that isn’t necessarily relevant to the world we live in, and an escape from the daily grind of modern living.  It can be relaxing or exhilarating, cheap or ruinously expensive, it can be what makes us more interesting as a person.  Or deathly boring, dependant on your point of view.

As a geek, I have plenty of geeky hobbies; so much so, that it’s actually quite difficult for me to actually be bored because there’s *always* something fun and hobby-related for me to be doing.

Of course, it also means I’m poor.  Many hobbies are cheap to start, but get progressively more and more expensive.  I like to think that the most expensive part of my hobbies is the pressing need to buy a new house to fit all of them in…

The Vial of the Sands.  That’s a WoWhead link for anyone wondering.  Yes, it’s the alchemical Vial that allows a character to turn into a drrrrrrrragin and fly around as their own mount.  They can even give other characters a lift, although there are supposed to be safeguards in place for anyone who wants to be naughty, and drop someone from a very, very great height.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I don’t particularly feel the urgent need to have any of my characters turn into a drrrrrragin.  It’s not going to help me with my rrrrrrrole-playing characterisation of being a half-drrrrrrragin, and to be perfectly honest I can live without being a drrrrrrrragin-shaped taxi for the rest of the server.

If I was to be interested in anything of that ilk, it would be some sort of entertaining wand, which would allow me to ZAP! any random passer-by into being my drrrrrrrrrrrrrragin-taxi.  Mmmm.  Yeeeeeeeees.

Anyhoo, it takes a quite surprisingly silly amount of crafting materials, *as well as* an amount of gold roughly equivalent to the gross product of several small countries.  Unless you are a goblin, at which point I can only commend you on your wise choice of racial perk: Well done, I commend you.

I saw one (a Vial of the Sands, not a goblin) the other day in the auction house, and it was on for a 75,000 gold buyout.

No, I’m not after trying to sell a Vial of the Sands either.  I’m not sure any amount of virtual cash could be worth the time and effort to gather all of those materials.  Besides, what would I spend it on?  A Vial of the Sands?

No, I’m thinking of collecting together the materials for a Vial of the Sands as a bit of a hobby.  Yes, you heard right; a hobby, within a hobby.  Yes, my madness does not know any bounds.  And I appreciate that logic such as this might very well break the universe, it being anti-logic (and we all know what happens when logic and anti-logic meet.  Yes, you get really, really annoyed logical people who shout at very confused anti-logical people, and make them cry).

I like having something to do during the quiet periods of gaming.  I also am freely honest about my inability to pass a harvest node in any game without having to harvest it.  In the quiet periods, between instances, or questing, or just when fancying a bit of gaming whilst watching the tellyovision, it’s nice to farm herbs and ore, or farm a few monsties for their lovely drops.

The absurdly stupid amount of raw materials required for the Vial of the Sands means I can have something to work towards which will take a bit longer than a couple of days.  And it’s ideal for doing between points of interest, because it doesn’t matter if I have to drop it at a moment’s notice to go off and do something fun; those nodes will wait, after all.

You might be wondering at how much actually needs to be gathered.  Well, according to WoWhead again, here is a list of raw materials that seems accurate enough for me to work from:

• 29,000g
• 72 Pyrium Ore
• 120 Volatile Air
• 120 Volatile Fire
• 120 Volatile Water
• 96 Volatile Life
• 96 Azshara’s Veil
• 96 Cinderbloom
• 192 Whiptail
• 16 Crystal Vial
• 8 Albino Cavefish

Part of me is amazed at the size of that shopping list.  It’s just obscene, especially when there are mounts that are far, far cheaper that do the same thing; get you from one place to another quicker than walking.

Yet some players will do anything to be part of the bleeding edge, and Blizzard are more than aware of that fact.



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