The Inevitable New Year’s Resolution Post.

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Wotcha everyone,

Does anyone out there do that whole; “New Year’s Resolutions” thing?

I don’t.  Don’t get me wrong: I’m not a “No regrrrrets, dahlink!” sort of person, but neither am I the sort of person who will decide to make a potentially rash decision to run a marathon just because I’m feeling a little chubby on New Year’s Eve.  That would be the sort of potentially rash decision that would be made in front of all my mates who will hold me to it, despite me making the declaration whilst so inebriated that I’ve forgotten the word “inebriated” actually exists.  And who will prod me with sticks and cattleprods through 6 hellish months of training culminating in 26 miles-and-change of sheer, utter torture.

For the record I feel a lot chubby most of the time, but this is because I am fat.  I have a geek physique.  I have never made such a marathon declaration, but I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night screaming, having had the New Year’s Eve/drunk/marathon declaration nightmare.

It’s like the no-pants dream, just completely terrifying.

Moving back on track slightly, I’m hard-pressed to think of the last time I actually had a New Year’s Resolution.  This is largely because I’m aware of my limitations, the first and foremost of which is not my slacker nature, but is in fact my extreme forgetfulness.

(Being a slacker is my second limitation, for those who are interested.)

In the past, I would decide to change my ways/do more stuff/ramble less, only to forget two weeks into January.  Less of a Year’s Resolution, more of an accidental two week change in lifestyle.

In the light of this admission, I have decided to have some New Year’s Resolutions.  No, they’re not lifestyle choice resolutions, just MMO resolutions.  I shall try not to forget about them in two weeks time…

I will respect other players, and the way they choose to play.
You know, it’s not just the rrrrrrrrrrole-players that make me feel a little worried, it’s the HARDCORE! HARDCORE! players too.  In point of fact, I’m pretty sure that unless you play in *exactly* the same style as I do, then you worry me.
This is, however, wrong.  I am not the arbiter of style and taste in MMOs.  One of the reasons why MMOs are so wonderful is that they are a melting pot of playing styles, which in turn attracts so many differing players.  So how can I stand up and, in any way, shape or form, say; “You sir and/or madam, are doing it wrong.  Do it right!”
So, I shall endeavour to embrace my fellow MMO player, not in a stalker/follow-you-home/murder-you-and-wear-your-skin-as-a-suit sort of way, but in a typically repressed British sort of way.
Yes, I shall smile, wave, and wish you the best of luck.  I shall also endeavour to help you in your favourite playing style by not immediately deciding to whizz on your chips, by inadvertent or advertant action, gesture, or statement.

I will be zen about spawn/node jumpers.
I live in a large urban conurbation.  And it is a universal truth that wherever there are large urban conurbations, there are drivers who drive like [insert favoured insult here].  Driving became a lot less stressful for me when I decided to remain calm, ignore the road rage, and embrace the fact that some people are just plain rude, and therefore incapable of thinking of anyone but themselves.
Same goes for MMO players.  Some don’t want to think about the fact that there are other players, that given a short period of time that node, or that mob will respawn, and therefore they don’t need to act like a dick and steal kills or resource nodes.
And others will be incapable of thinking about their fellow player at all.
I will not get upset about it, I will just accept it as a fact of life, and in the same way that I accept the fact that it *will* rain, that pizza *does* make me fat, and that bills mean that I *can’t* spend as much money on toys as I want to.
Therefore, I won’t feel the need to tell players who are rude, unthinking, or just plain stupid that they are, in point of fact, a c*ck.  I shall just invoke the zen calm that makes calmy-zen people live well into their second century.  Y’know, tortoises.

I will not see other players as competition.
Hmm.  This I need to change for the good of my health, if not my own sanity.
It might take ten (or twenty-five, depending on your choice) players to make a raid team, but that won’t help if I’m not one of those ten (or twenty-five, depending on your choice).  Sometimes it feels like that old gag about putting on running shoes when faced with a lion; it’s not about out-running the lion, it’s about out-running your mates.
Just like any other sporting team, raid teams need a certain make-up.  Healers, tanks, dps, all in a ratio.  Just like a football team with three goalies and no midfielders, a raid team with too many healers and no dps has lost before it started.
So, this resolution is all about taking enjoyment from being a part of the team, even if the part I play is sitting on the bench as a reserve, rather than only taking enjoyment by being on the pitch.  It’s about taking pleasure in the success of my friends and fellow team-members, rather than envying them, or even worse beginning to begrudging them their success.

I will cut the chaff.
This isn’t just about getting rid of those subscriptions for games that I no longer play, but more a case of ensuring that when I am playing, I’m not just looking at a screen wondering what to do, or deciding to “hang out” just in case something interesting comes up.
No, I shall make something interesting happen, or I shall log out, and play something else.  Or go and do chores.  *Anything*, in fact, rather than just sit looking at the same thing because I’m a bit bored in game.
There are plenty of fun things to do in MMOs, and plenty of lovely things to do outside them, so I shall waste time on neither boredom nor boring things.

I will play more single-player games.
This is only partly because I just bought a whole load of games in the Steam sale.  For someone who decided that Steam was evil when it first appeared, I am a real Steam sale junky.  Past Me despises what I’ve become.  I almost agree with Past Me.  Past Me has morals, and beliefs, and standards.  Past Me is also a bit boring, and needs to get that stick out of his @rse.
Anyhoo, there was a reason that I bought these games, and that’s because too much of one thing is bad for the soul.  It’s one of the reasons why I spend so much time making scenery for miniatures war-gaming; making something (even a fake hill) is really nice after spending so much time in a virtual world.
Playing single player games makes me not only appreciate the MMO nature of the games I play, but also the players that share the game world with me.  Yes, it’s single-player sorbet; good for the MMO palette.

So there we have it.  Hawley’s New Year Resolutions.  It seems I do do New Year’s Resolutions after all.  Well, at least this once.  We’ll see how it goes, and if it works we can always try it again next year.

We just won’t mention marathons.  Ever.



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