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Wotcha everyone,

I have now been to the Throne of the Tides twice.

The first time was a few days ago, whilst levelling.  It was a first time visit for a few of us there, and it’s a bright, breezy romp with a few very nice visual design touches.  When I’m rich and powerful enough, I’m going to have a lift made out of a jellyfish too.  It can take me up to my zeppelin.

I love that lift.

There are also a few really nice game-play elements in there as well.  There are a couple of gauntlets to run, a couple of entertaining boss-fights, and even an opportunity to beat up your mates (or just one if you’re unlucky).

All in all, it’s a nice place to go adventuring.

The second time was last night, where I was lucky enough to go with a guild group as part of my first run at the Heroic version of the instance.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but Heroics seem to have regained their hallowed nature since the launch of ‘Clysm.  I was always ambivalent about the Heroics in Wrath of the Lich King. I didn’t do that many of them, never really understood them or learned the fights because all the tactics seemed to consist of; Run in, welly anything that moves, aoe everything that doesn’t just in case.

This is largely because by the time I’d got to level 80 (I was late to the Lich King party) everyone else was so geared up that Heroics required little more tactics than; “Get ‘im!”.  In point of fact, they were the norm, rather than instances that had more of a challenge for exceptional players.

But the wheel turns, and Heroics are once again a challenge.  Not only were mobs and bosses harder, but there were a few design elements that were modified, or added in the jump between Normal and Heroic difficulty.

I would say that they’ll be a challenge for a few months, but the more cynical part of me thinks it’s more likely to be just a few weeks before the vast bulk of the player base gears itself up in the move towards raiding, and Heroic tactics revert to their usual status.

That’s a shame.

Heroics were cool when they were introduced in The Burning Crusade.  They were for when Normal just wasn’t enough of a challenge, and had an element of mini-Raid about them; all the challenge, but without the requirement of a horde of other players.

Because World of Warcraft has such a gear-based progression system, success breeds even more success.  That means that content isn’t just conquered, it’s ground into the dirt, spat on, and completely disrespected.

Until then, though, I shall continue to enjoy Heroics.



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