I say, I say, I say: My worgen has no nose!

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Wotcha everyone,

No, this isn’t a review, more of an ramble covering what I’ve done, been involved in, and thought during the last week when Cataclysm, or “’Clysm” as the Hawley One likes to think of it, finally struck.  I’ve also tried to be as spoiler-free as possible, for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, it means that you, dear reader, are free to discover the joys and delights to be found within the various elements of Cataclysm with a childish sense of exploration unsullied by the revelations I might disclose with my turgid prose.

Secondly, I’m a slacker, and accurate research is sometimes far too much like real work.  I’m aware of my limitations.

It’s been a week, and as of last night I was almost exactly half way through Level 84.  I suppose that leaves me with half a level to occupy me for two years, until the next expansion is released…

This shows how fast levelling has been, even for slowcoach slacker me.  Many of the people I play with are already level 85, whilst others are rocketing through levels with their Worgen.

I’ve gone through most of the quests in Mount Hyjal (I avoided the jousting quests, as I’ve never been a fan of the jousting system in World of Warcraft.  The addition of having to “flap” wings has just made it feel like Moonlander with better graphics, and all of the annoying gameplay.  I was not impressed then, I’m not impressed now.  Sorry, Blizzard), and gone through Vash’Jir, which was bright, colourful, and fun.

I’ve done a few of the quests in Deepholm, and am currently working my way through the Highlands.

Finishing off Highlands in the next day or so should sort me all the way to level 85.

I’ve also done a few instance runs, and had fun with those.  It was nice to go into an instance to learn it, rather than to follow the instructions of the group leader.  It was also fun to go in, just for the pleasure of going in and seeing what was there.  Adding the acquisition of xp to that of trez and rep was the purest sort of gravy.

Enhancement spec for the first couple of runs meant that I could get stuck in there and chop stuff up.  Whilst I find I have to focus hard to ensure I can squeeze every last bit of damage out, having been levelling I was more aware of what the enhancement spec was capable of.

Healing for a couple of runs last night was pure, running-‘round-the-room-hysterical-crazy.  In point of fact, I was almost at the point of handing in my Healer’s Mafia membership card and t-shirt, I was that bad.

It seems that it’s not just enough to shove a few points into the Restoration talent tree, get all dolled up in Intelligence gear, and then spam Chain Heal wherever possible.  Well, not any more.

I did have one eye on possible instance healing, which was why I had decided, where possible, to keep updating my healing set of gear.  It was so that it was as up to date as I could get it, and quite frankly it’s a good thing I did.

I also had a crash course in what heals worked, and what didn’t, whilst running through ‘Clysm’s instances.  There was a lot of frenzied exchanging of icons in quickslots, as well as reading and rereading of spell tooltips, to ensure that I wasn’t lead numpty in a set of horrendous group-wipe fiascos.

A lesson learned, then.  Don’t neglect an area of gameplay, then rely on natural skill and ability to carry me through.  Ah well.

Other lessons I have learned?

Well, I’ve learned that the Worgen starting area is rather well done.  The instanced phasing used in and around the level 80-85 areas are also used to good effect to show the fall of Gilneas, whilst giving a rather fun horror-film vibe to all of the proceedings.

I’ve also learned that Blizzard have learned how to tell a story.  Using heavy amounts of instanced phasing means travelling through each of the zones is part of one log tale, rather than starting in one quest hub, hopping to the next hub, then the next.  It’s good, and I like it, and it stopped things becoming a long grind.

I’ve also learned that no matter who you are, no matter how big your behemoth is, launch day queues will smack you as hard as they can.  And that no matter how you see it intellectually, nothing sucks like sitting in the queue, knowing your mates (and, seemingly, the rest of the world) are having fun without you.

As for thoughts?

Well, I’ve enjoyed myself playing through ‘Clysm so far, and hope to do so for some time to come.  There are one or two niggles, but I think I’ll drop those in a post once I’ve pondered them for a while.

All in all, I’m pretty sure I’m enjoying ‘Clysm more than any expansion World of Warcraft has had.



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