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Wotcha everyone,

How was your Cataclysm launch?

I love launch days.  I was worried that I wouldn’t get to see yesterday’s Cataclysm launch day because of a combination of cars that wouldn’t start, and an estimated delivery date of the 9th of December, but both came good and I found myself logging on, with a World of Cataclysm waiting for me.

First thing I did was create a Worgen Druid.  Yes, I am *that* filthy.  I’ve never wanted a druid before, and was never a fan of Night Elfs nor Taurens.  But give me the prospect of a freaky dog-boy with a top hat (my personal theory is that sneaky devs created both in tandem as a way of hooking me) and I’m there pushing my way to the front of the queue to sign up.

Foolish Hawley.

No, I didn’t play Dog-Boy Drood.  Shaman Herewerd needs to level.  I’m such a slow leveller that I decided I would at least attempt to be at the same level as everyone else on launch night.

Which was almost successful.  Seeing as I wasn’t online at midnight (My copy of Cataclysm hadn’t arrived, and I need to be in bed by 10:30.  Yes, I’m a lightweight as well as a slacker) I was a level or two behind quite a surprising amount of players.  And of course there were tales of players who’d got to level 85 by lunchtime.

Foolish Hawley.  That could have been you, were it not for allowing little things like sleep, and going to work, to interfere with levelling duties!

Ah well, there’ll be plenty of time in which to level up to 85.

Well, after the customary queuing time (I only spent about half an hour queuing, which was just long enough to prepare some dinner for later, have a lovely cup of tea, and get a couple of quests done in Fable 2) I found myself with that lovely moment of indecision and confusion over where to go, and what to do.

Now, I try not to get too negative here, but I was reminded quite forcefully of the dark half of launch days, which involves zones that are overcrowded and largely populated by players who don’t seem to care for their fellow player in their rush to get their hands on shiny trez and xp, when I tried playing in the new zones.

And I just wasn’t having as much fun as I should have.  Maybe I’m just not thick-skinned enough to fight with other players over spawns and drops; maybe that’s true PvP and I’m just not cut out for it.

Either way, I was rescued by my guildmates; someone suggested checking out the new instances, and I was there like a shot.

Being away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds, I was able to relax in the company of friends, and start to remember why World of Warcraft is so much fun.  Instance design was fun, use of quests had a fun and new way of leading a group through the instance whilst telling a story, and some of the visual ideas were just… well, rather special.

So far, I think the fun of ‘Clysm (I know, everyone else calls it “Cata”.  That’s just not as fun-sounding an abbreviation as “’Clysm” is) has outweighed the nutsy over-crowding.  And that over-crowding will end within a day or so as they all out-level me.



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  1. I miss my Shaman but I am glad I went with starting a new Goblin. The new starter zones are amazing. I think I’ll pass on the fighting over mobs for now and the instances will be there when I get there. I like the relax feeling of levrling something new even if it’s not a Shaman

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