Have Mount, Will Travel.

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Wotcha everyone,

In my return to the World that is Warcraft’s, I have yet to turn off, filter out, or generally destroy the public channels.

I’m not sure why, because I usually get rid of them in a fit of ragequit as soon as I possibly can. Maybe I am mellowing out now that I’m an old codger.

As it is, I’m quite enjoying watching them scroll by at high speed whilst furtling about in one or other of the cities. Many guilds are recruiting, especially the “military rp” ones, there are the usual knob references and gags, and every so often someone throws out a line that sets me off on a ponder.

One such line was the individual who was stating that there would be no point gaining Worgen rep, as they have no racial mount.

Replies were lost in the avalanche of guild adverts, but the ponder had started. So much so that I canvassed opinions during a quiet moment during an instance run.

It was agreed and accepted that worgen not riding but having an enhanced-speed running mode was perfectly fine due to their animalisric nature. Dog on a horse? Crazy!

Then someone mentioned Tauren, and their bigfatlizzids. And the fact that they’d had a similar running skill that didn’t make it past beta.  Something along the lines of “Plainsrunning”.

Hmm. Mixed messages from the Blizzard boys and girls there, but I can see the business case for having all the races at game launch have mounts, and diversifying later.

I can also see past the “magic”, and realise that any mount is just a glorified enhanced-speed running mode.

Yet for all that, I find I love mounts. Being an old Everquest kid, I remember when mounts didn’t exist in games. When Star Wars Galaxies introduced speeders it was an exciting time; suddenly travelling from one place to another wasn’t just faster, it was cool!

Warcraft introduced racial mounts, then mounts at the end of rep grinds, and as trez drops. Lord of the Rings Online has just joined in the money-maker already used by Warcraft and Everquest 2 by releasing an RMT only mount.

And Fallen Earth has animal mounts, mutant mounts, and build-your-own vehicle mounts. Including (adopts bad attempt at an Australian accent) *the last of the V8 interceptors*. It’s a veritable mountopia, it really is.

It’s also a lot easier to get mounts nowadays. There are Lower level requirements and they’re cheaper to buy; mounts used to be a luxury item. Soon they’ll be an inalienable right.

I like mounts. Not just the faster speed, but the mount itself.

After all, what’s not to like about riding a giant, angry-looking cat or dog?  Or that ultimate in pimped-out mounts, a drrrrragin?  Mounts are a bright, imaginative way of covering up  a way of just making a character move faster.  Or to fly.  Or whatever is required or permitted by the devs.

They’re also a nice way to distract me from the tedium of travelling any distance.  Having more than one lets me get vary what I see, and I can sometimes collect them when I feel like it.  They are, after all, another thing to aspire to.

Do I mind that Worgen don’t get a mount?  No, and neither do I worry that it’s a trend that will be taken up in other games.  And the only Worgen character I was intending to create would be a druid, and they’ve always had their own methods of propulsion anyway.

Given the choice, I’d let Worgen have a moped.  Mopeds are under-represented in MMOs.  I’d absolutely love it if Fallen Earth had one, too.



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  1. I think it’ll work nicely for the Worgen. Yes, they don’t have a mount that others can buy, but they can themselves buy mounts. So you will be able to have a mounted Worgen if you so desire (additional Rep grind / huge cash outlay required, batteries not included)

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