What a difference, a “D” makes…

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Wotcha everyone,

I’ve had that song running around my head for a couple of days now, just with that slight modification to the signature line.


Well, Skooge is no more.

There’s a part of me that will miss Undead Roguey Skooge.  He wasn’t my first World of Warcraft character, but for the longest time he was my identifier with World of Warcraft.  If anything in- or out-game changed, my first thoughts would be how Skooge would be affected.

In fact, I was so wrapped up in Skooge that I didn’t play alts.  Imagine that; Hawley without alts.  This was even in a time before Hawley.  Imagine that, too.

Now, he’s gone.  Just so much dust in the wind.

And after handing over £20, a quick faction change, the addition of skin, a new face, and the addition of one simple letter “D”, Skoodge is the new kid in town.

The faction change is a bit of a slap in the face, though.  I suppose it is final proof  that, for me at least, game beats all.

It beats nostalgia; I had good times and bad as a member of the Horde, but it seems that “For the Horde!” goes only so far with me, and just not far enough.

It beats characterisation; So Skooge was undead?  Not any more.  He’s cured!   What, I need a role-playing proof rationale?  No, no I don’t.  Role-playing in MMOs is something I do for fun; it’s not the reason for playing.  I will just have to endure the censure of any role-players out there, secure in the knowledge that I deserve it.

It beats my sensibilities about “Value Added Services”; no Sparkly Pony for me.  Neither small panda nor some midget demon thing sway me, and the aforementioned Sparkly Pony just washes over me.  I pay my subscription; that’s all I want to pay.  Yet as a waged adult, I get to decide how I will solve a problem.  Will it be through application of time and effort?  That would mean levelling a character from 1 to 80 on the Alliance side.  Or will I solve this problem through the application of cold, hard cash?  That would mean availing myself of that Value Added Service.  In this case, a few months of game-play is worth far more to me than the £20 fee of changing sides, so there we go.

So, kids, here’s the scoop.  Game is king on Planet Hawley.

The reason Undead Rogue Skooge is now Human Rogue Skoodge is the prospect of better game.  Plain and simple.

More of my friends play on the Alliance side.  As a result, most of my playing is on the Alliance side.  From a pragmatic perspective, that means more chance of instances, more chance of raiding, more chance of fun.

Yet there is a part of me that will miss the Horde.  I’m already pondering creating a horde character somewhere, and going through the levelling from zero to hero.  The question is what to choose, really.  Probably a priest.

Part of me thinks that I should just man up and play.  I’ve devoted hours of my life to furthering the aims and objectives of the Horde; what have they done for me?

Smart money says I’ve got some fun memories of some fun gaming.  But now the gaming isn’t as much fun as it could be, and it is, after all, the game that’s the thing.  Having the most fun gaming is something that I want; that must be the main difference between a perpetual world and a game.

In a game, we shouldn’t have to do chores.  I’m reminded of Hot Tub Time Machine, when one of the characters has a Second Life character serving hard time in chokey.  Fun gag, with a lovely comment about perpetual worlds.

The last few months have made me realise that the needs of the real world outweigh those of the online world, and that the callow perpetual world dreams of my youth are nothing more than dreams.

The adult (with monkey-brain) that I’ve become has realised over the last few months that all I want at the moment is a fun game, because that’s all the time I can spare from the rest of my life.  I have social and work commitments that don’t want to share their time with MMO gaming; if I’m going to be doing chores, I’d rather do them in the real world, than whilst pretending to be an Undead Rogue.



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