Happy Weekend, one and all!

November 12, 2010 at 7:29 pm | Posted in General | Leave a comment

Wotcha everyone,

There is a great vista of opportunity (which, incidentally, is *not* a phrase I picked up from a promotional video about the town of Preston, Lancashire, but sounds like it would belong in one) that comes with the knowledge that The Weekend Is Here.

Two whole days of being The Man, as opposed to the other five days where one is forced to work for The Man in order to pay bills.  Obviously, daydreams of what to do during those two whole days are a wonderful way to fill a slow (or horrible) working Friday.

I hope I am not alone in this; the anticipation of a weekend, coupled with that great vista of opportunity opening up like like the front door of the Edwards’ home at the beginning of The Searchers, is enough to lighten even the worst of Fridays.

Of course, it’s rare I get to actually play as much as I’d want.

Real life, for example, has a way of intruding.  Most heinous are common acts of chores.  I have been informed, with absolutely no chance of appeal, that chores wait for no geek.  Even the argument; “But I’m *this* close to levelling” holds no weight in the Court of Relationship.

Then there are the demands of family.  Family, much as I love them, have a fantastic ability to sneak gatherings and events on me.  I’m pretty sure that the only thing sneakier than a ninja at midnight is a family do, especially when I have some gaming planned.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though.  Sometimes I don’t get to play because friends will call on me to go and do something in the real world.  At others, I’ll get distracted by something lovely and shiny (such as wargaming, or boardgames, or similar sundry geeky activities).

Sometimes I just snooze.

Every so often, I even get some gaming in.  It helps when my lovely lady’s weekend is ruined by her having to work, because that means I can be… judicious… about when and how chores get done.  Even though it’s thoroughly mean of me to point that out.

There are also those weekends where nothing calls on me, where nothing needs my attention, and where (for a limited time only) all the chores are up to date.  And as an antidote to a nasty week at work, there is gaming.

Ah, such bliss those weekends can be.

If the server isn’t down.



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