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Wotcha everyone,

I suppose it’s part of the nature of a thing that it changes.

As an example, a cup of tea changes from lovely and hot to cold and nasty.  Not usually around me, but scientific research has proved it as fact, and who am I to argue with facts pronounced by a person in a white lab-coat?

Thoughts are the same.  I used to think that thoughts were immutable, that I could *never* have a wrong thought.  But then I got older and realised that the ability to change one’s thoughts is a life-skill that leads to less heart-attacks, and more invitations to parties from right-minded individuals.  Besides, close-minded people can be no fun.

I say this by way of introduction to my latest mental u-turn, in the hopes that I will appear less hypocritical.

That U-turn being my decision to have undead rogue Skooge turn his coat by becoming all alive again, and therefore leaving the Horde and joining the Alliance.

The reason for this is change.

Undead Skooge came into being because I’d never had the opportunity to play an undead character before.  It was a wonderful change from all those humans, human sub-types, elves, dwarfs, and…  gnomes.

And as I was playing with a group of friends who were all Horde, Horde I stayed.  It was some time before I started playing as Alliance, and that was largely due to that special sort of attrition->return cycle that saw everyone split up and me joining another group of friends who are playing Alliance.

Add to the fact that Skooge is languishing somewhat in the Northrend doldrums; what I found really easy as a Shaman is longer and more annoying as a Rogue.  And as I’m largely soloing, it gets old pretty quick.  Changing sides means a higher likelihood of more opportunity for hot group action, and that means he’s more likely to get more play.

And now is the best time to sort him out, seeing as we’re at the end of the world (as we know it), and that great leveller The New Expansion means More Fun For Old Characters.

Yet there is a part of me that will miss the ol’ fella in his original, raggedy-clothed, wonky-jawed, toes-poking-through-his-boots glory.  A couple of shivs and a bad attitude seems so much more fun when it’s an undead running around with them, rather than Regular-John-Human (no disrespect to all the Regular-John-Humans out there; I will, of course, be joining you all soon enough).

I will also miss that whole “For the Horde!” thing.  At one time membership of the Horde was a cool thing.  Life was more fun in the Horde.  The NPCs were more interesting, the quests a little darker, and life was more fun as a result.  When chatting with other World of Warcraft players, being Horde meant you were the sort of cool kid that played hooky from school, smoked, and kissed girls.

Yet that changed with The Burning Crusade, and was continued with Wrath of the Lich King.  Suddenly many quests were identical, and not just the ones from the multi-faction groups.  The differences between Horde and Alliance disappeared.  There are many posts out there discussing the full ramifications for such game design, but for Skooge the net result is that his lifestyle choice just isn’t the cool one any more.

And I don’t think that cool will ever return.  The damage has been done, and it’s irreperable.

The end.  Time to take off that “Horde ’til I die (and then a bit longer)” t-shirt.  Part of me feels like a traitor, but that’s the part that is stuck in the past, 5 years ago, and convinced that the Alliance is Squad Beige.

As with all things, this decision might well be subject to change.  I might decide to level up Skooge as Horde, then swap sides.  Or never swap sides, and leave Skooge as a memento to good times past.  Or he might even stay, and see what life is like post-cataclysm.

Unlikely, though.



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