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October 11, 2010 at 4:24 pm | Posted in General | 1 Comment
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Wotcha everyone,

I’m “quite busy” at the moment.

In the same way that His Holiness the Pope is “quite Catholic”, bears “quite probably” go potty in the woods, and that the humble yet noble cup of tea is “quite good”.

Yeesh.  Work is crazy, weddings are crazy, and social life is crazy.  All in all, there’s little in the way of time for geeking, as I like to put it.

As a result, a couple of games have hit the to-come-back-to pile, most notable of which is World of Warcraft.  I’d een playing using time cards, as they’re ever so slightly cheaper than paying monthly, and just as controllable.  And there’s something quite fun about scratching the silvery stuff off, and seeing what I’ve won (Yay!  I won two months of World of Warcraft game time!).  No, I don’t do scratch cards.  I don’t handle the disappointment well.

I didn’t stop paying/playing because I’m cheap, I just don’t like paying for something I’m not using.  It makes poor fiscal sense, and I need every penny I can get.

And because I just wasn’t getting enough time in my day, I stopped playing, and so stopped paying.  It’s not like Azeroth is going to go away, get a facelift, and come back unrecognisable, is it?

Or is it…?

Either way, it’s not been much of an issue.  I am getting the odd pang, though, so I did go and get a new time card, ready for mid November when all the crazy-busy-now(!) has gone, and once again I actually have the time to sit, smell the roses, and enjoy life again.

But I did get a time card, and it is currently sat looking at me, with the huge kitten eyes that say; “Pweeeeease!  Allow me to fulfill my maximum potential!  Don’t leave me languishing on the shelf, looking like a really rubbish DVD film!”

So what if a couple of weeks will end up wasted.  Game now, cry later!

After all, if I took all the unused game time that I’ve paid for through recurring monthly subscriptions, I’d have… a lot.  So what’s another week or two?  Probably less than mere drops in the ocean.

It does make me pine for a subscription-based model where I’m just paying for hours, rather than lunar periods.  Paying for an hour, and getting an hour’s game, that’s fine.  Pay for a month, and sometimes I begrudge all that “wasted” time.  You know, the going to work;  the sleeping; the bathing.

Yet I suppose it’s economy of scale.  Pay for a month, get a month.  Pay for an hour, and suddenly I don’t want to waste a few minutes of my time doing anything other than playing.  After all, if it takes me 3 minutes to make a brew, that’s an enter twentieth of my game time gone and wasted!

Do not make me choose between you and tea, Senior Game.  You will lose.

I digress.  Back to the time card.

I’m quite monogameous at the moment; Fallen Earth has the right blend of gameplay styles  that mean I can log on for 20 minutes or 3 hours, and get something meaningful done however long I’m on for.  And because it gives good solo action (oo-er, missus!) I can also get called away from the keyboard without screwing up anyone else’s hobby, so that’s a bonus too.  Seeing as I only have the time to do one game justice, Fallen Earth wins.

World of Warcraft has those qualities, but that’s largely the levelling part of the game, and the last thing I want to do is level, when a whole new levelling experience (sounds quite posh when I put it that way) will be available with the release of Cataclysm.

And while it might feel like years away to the average Warcraft gamer, for me the time should fly by, just like the last year has flown by.  Normal time resumes in mid November, so maybe I should just put that time card to one side, where it’s supposed to be, and wait.

Yeesh.  Waiting is wruuuuuubbish!



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