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June 21, 2010 at 8:40 pm | Posted in General | 1 Comment
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Wotcha everyone,

I got an email about Blizzard’s Real ID thingy at the weekend.

Now this appears to be far more of a Battle.Net thing than a World of Warcraft thing, but it is launching with Patch 3.3.5, so that shows where Blizzard think that their core market is.

Now, it doesn’t particularly strike me as innovative, clever nor necessary.

Many of the features, such as universal friends lists and single-contact chat have appeared in other games.  And the other features just seem to want to introduce social networking into my MMO gaming.

I don’t social network (much/properly).  I don’t know how to use Twitter, besides which I’m not sure all my friends need me to update them with; Still at work.  Working”.  I’ve never had a Facebook account, don’t know what to do with Buzz, and Live Journal/MySpace/Bebo might as well exist on other planets.

I blog, but I tend to just cover MMO gaming.  I realise that this is social networking, but this isn’t a lifestyle blog, this is a gamer blog.

I’m a relatively private person.  I’m far too much of a curmudgeonly grump to want to spam my life to the outside world, or to be shown up for how exciting everyone else’s life is.

But for all that, I can see how this will help people stay in touch, and help to organise things for players.  Especially those with characters in multiple guilds and across multiple servers.

I can also see why it’s a win for Blizzard.  What makes an MMO such a strong pull is the social element, and offering players an easy way to stay in touch through various games makes it easier to retain those players through differing games in a portfolio.

So Real ID is just not for me.  I can understand that it will be an aid for many people whom I game with, and that I will (yet again) miss out on much social fun and frolics due to my techno-unsocial grumpiness.

But this is something I accept, and have learned to deal with.  I’ll limp along quite happily, whilst others will grow (or enlarge their already existing) social butterfly wings and fly.



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  1. Saw an email about Real ID, assumed it was spam ;p

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