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June 15, 2010 at 3:54 pm | Posted in General | Leave a comment
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Wotcha everyone,

I’ve still not done anything of note in Lord of the Rings Online since the announcement that it will be moving to a free to play/freemium model.

It’s not that I’m still heading through the five stages of denial; I know my limitations, so I quite often just put the Anger away and move right on down to Acceptance as soon as is possible.

The slacker in me knows that going through the other four stages takes far too much work.

Besides, whilst I can be as prideful as the next person, I’m trying not to let some rather foolish declaration slip out.  You know the one;

I shall nevah play this game again!  Nevah!

This is because I know myself well enough, and there’s precious little that I hate more than having to publicly acknowledge the fact that I said something more than a little twattish.  Principles are all well and good, but to have principles about something that doesn’t actually mean much in the grand scheme of things just devalues those principles that do matter.

I’m just stuck with a general sort of malaise whenever I think of playing Lord of the Rings Online, similar to the sort of malaise that strikes whenever a game makes an announcement of great import.

It’s that sense of waiting, the one where nothing seems to happen yet it takes forever to not happen.  I suppose I just want the plaster to be ripped off now so that I can just get on with playing within the new regime, rather than play whilst being constantly bombarded with wistful nostalgia and fearful of what the future might bring.



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