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Wotcha everyone,

I have reached the threshold in Fallen Earth.

Wol is now at the point in level 15 where he’s very close to level 16.  And from questing, he’s more or less exhausted the starting towns to the south of Sector 1.  This means heading out of the starting towns of the south, and into the more dangerous towns of the North.  This is the start of the journey to Sector 2.

What surprises me is the amount of time it’s taken to get this far.  According to most games, Wol is still a babe in arms.  Most games can see me get a character to level 15 in a couple of sessions, yet Wol has been going for weeks.

Pondering why, I’ve come to the following conclusion;

There’s a lot to do.

More definition required?  Okay, seeing as you asked nicely.

Hoovering up everything you find takes dedication.  It also takes time.  Find a good spot with a lot of node spawns, and it takes time to pick them all up.  Especially if it’s a fast spawning area, and you go for a couple of circuits.

Add in a few mobs that are suicidally desperate to give you all of their trez and xp, and a quick farming stop off whilst travelling can turn into a half hour orgy of combat, gathering and looting.  Of course, you should add an extra 15 minutes if the local mob is HERMIT CRABS!

Then there’s the questing.  Whilst it has some Quest Hub A leads to Quest Hub B sensibilities, there have also been some wonderful little quest hubs scattered in the wilderness between settlements.  They’re just sat there, and the ones I’ve found have been quirky and fun.  I’ve mentioned the gun-toting CHOTA offshoot before, but I’ve also encountered a settlement on a bridge that’s owned by the Goat family.  They’re having trouble fending off the predations of a group of Gully Dogs raiders, lead by The Troll.  Yes, I got to be all gruff.

These little quest areas, with four or five quests and a shop reward taking the time to explore an area, or check out something that looks interesting against the skyline.

I’ve also been crafting, and spending the time to hoover up everything I can has really helped.  I have both Sector and Barter Vaults constantly filled, and quite often I just vendor the commonly found components such as Tainted Meat and Tainted Water, as I have full stacks in the banks just in case.

That hoovering has meant that I’ve been able to work on all of the crafting types, with the exception of the scarily expensive Mutagenics (well, it is in Sector 1, so it can wait) and Construction, which is of less use to the up and coming clone.

It’s not even been that expensive to keep crafting, as questing has meant that money has just rolled in.  Wol isn’t rich by any stretch of the imagination, but neither have I ever had to do without.  Cashflow is good, and I’m well equipped seeing as I’ve crafted everything myself.

I also have a choice of mounts, thanks to that crafting.  This is particularly useful, as Sector 1 is big.  No, bigger than that.  It feels like the largest starter zone I’ve ever played in, and I’m also taking into account the fact that the extended tutorial gives out a horse mount.

Currently I have two mounts.  I have a horse for general questing because it has excellent inventory space, fuel economy and stamina, and I have a motorbike for travelling between towns because they’re cool and they go like the clappers.

Having said that, it’s not about rushing from one place to the next, taking the fastest route through the game.  The ‘bike is to take me quickly when I want to, not because I feel I have to.

It’s down to the immersion.  I like the immersion factor in the game.  Now don’t get me wrong; I don’t want to live there.  At all.  I like the world we live in.  It may have its flaws, but it’s got things like beds, and ceilings connected to walls, and showers.  It also has a comfortingly low ratio of mutants to regular people.

But I don’t feel like I have to rush through the game, to get to the fun bit at the end.  It’s all fun, and that even includes the farming bits.  I feel like I can farm as much as I want to, and then move onto something that’s more fun.

Oh, I’m more than aware that there isn’t much of an end-game as we know it, but seeing as I’m levelling whilst smelling the roses, it doesn’t matter so much right now.



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