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Wotcha everyone,

I had a harsh lesson at the weekend.

Actually, as harsh lessons go it was a rather fun one.  I went alt-raiding.

Actually, everyone else went alt-raiding.  I went main-raiding with some alts who were alt-raiding.

We started off by going into the Obsidian Sanctum.  Then we went to Ice Crown Citadel in normal mode, getting as far as Professor Putricide before wiping.  After that, we went into Winterspring to have a go at the Vault of Archavon, which went swimmingly.

It was lots of fun.  I’ve not raided in a melee dps role since Skooge and World of Warcraft Classique, so that was a surprisingly lovely (if bloodthirsty) change.  There is, of course, a completely different set of gaming skills required to healing, so it was nice to get to use it.

And it was lovely to be able to go raiding again.

However, the harsh lesson came via Recount.  It was an eye-opener, let me tell you.

The lesson being that despite everyone else playing alts, I was still bottom of the dps pile.  Even one of the tanks was doing more damage than I was.

There are a few mitigating factors; the people I was raiding with had alts that could go into Ice Crown Citadel through the gates that said “You must be this uber-geared to go on this ride”, and not worry that they were sneaking in the back.  Herewerd is getting to that point, but some of his big chunky armour is bulked out a bit with papier-mache and double-sided sticky tape.  I’m way too much of a slacker to try and raid-gear more than one character, but the gear is coming.

It was also my first time for a lot of the encounters I was facing.  Luckily the raid leader, and the raid, were nice and patient, and willing to give me enough information to know what I needed to do, and where I should stand to do it.  Even so, a run-through or a strategy guide isn’t the same as actually doing it (otherwise why bother playing a game; read the guide, it’s cheaper) and my default setting is always set to “Dun die, dun be stoopid, dun be a monkey” and with that comes a bit less damage than I could be capable of.  Learning the encounters will mean more time smacking, which will help damage output.

I’m also out of shape.  A few instances is useful practice, but won’t get me raid-sharp.  Knowing what to hit and when, maximising the damage I can do by choosing the right ability at the right time, as well as simple things such as grabbing the right target fast and first time.  Even being able to differentiate targets in the grand melee, when there’s half a dozen sprites all stood on the same spot, and one of them is really, really fat and four times taller than all the rest (and it’s not the target you want).  All of that needs more practice in raids.

But there were a couple of plus sides.  I wasn’t laughed out of the raid, and no-one shouted at me for standing in the fire.  So it’s nice to see that I’m not completely raid-inept.



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