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May 28, 2010 at 3:24 pm | Posted in General | 1 Comment
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Wotcha everyone,

Ysharros is now the boss of me.

Well, in Fallen Earth she’s the clan boss of me, if just to clarify matters.

This is a new development, as I had previously been a member of T.E.M.P.S.  I’ll now start just calling them TEMPS, seeing as putting in all those full stops is really annoying, and I’ll be talking about TEMPS a bit in this post.  See?  Did it again.  TEMPS!

Silliness aside, I was a member of TEMPS for a good few weeks.  I’d been recruited as a part of a mass blind invite, and I would ordinarily have declined on principle, but one of the things I’d wanted to do as part of the Wol Project was to experience things I wouldn’t ordinarily do, and clicking “Join” would be something I wouldn’t ordinarily do.

TEMPS is a great initiative.  They’re a clan that is designed to help new players over that steep learning curve that Fallen Earth has; their clan name is short for To Ensure More Players Stay.  And good luck to them; it’s a worthy cause, and one that is good for both the community and the game.

If you’re trying out the game, give them a look.  It can really help.

But now I’m in the South Burb Trading Co, and Ysharros is the boss.  Which means that the buck stops with her, she gets to make all the decisions, and that I’ve devolved all responsibility to her.

That’s a good thing, she tells me…



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  1. She could be the boss of me, any day!

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