LFD and Me: Ceasefire

May 26, 2010 at 4:45 pm | Posted in General | Leave a comment
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Wotcha everyone,

I think it’s safe to say that LFD and I are now in a state of uneasy truce.

Running random dungeons with strangers is the fastest and easiest way to hoover up Emblems, be they Triumph or Frost, and buying Tier armour with Emblems is most certainly the fastest and easiest way to get hold of epixxx when you don’t have access to either 4 or 9 other players.

But there’s that having to withstand the slings of arrows of outrageous fortune; am I going to get a fun, fast blast through an instance, or am I going to get multiple dropouts, kick votes, and more wipes than a baby convention?

Yet familiarity is starting to bring acceptance rather than contempt.  Whilst I’d much prefer to be running them with friends, I’ll stand one random dungeon bash a day as a solo player without too much grinding of teeth.  More than that would be stretching it, and the last thing I want to do is burn out on the LFD.

There is a funny side, though.  I don’t know most of these dungeons, so I’m reduced to spending a first attempt at a boss with the tactic of smack hard, smack often. If that works, all to the good.  If that doesn’t, then after ressing I try and glean what I should do from various, sometimes snarky, comments raised by my erstwhile colleagues.

Still, my dps is rising, and Recount sometimes says I wasn’t wrrrrrrrrubbish, which is nice when it happens.



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