The Wol Project: The Grand Choosing

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Wotcha everyone,

The time is drawing close, closer, closest, and I find myself pondering what decisions I shall make at the time of The Grand Choosing.

I think it’s quite safe to say that The Wol Project has been an unparalleled success.  I feel a lot more comfortable playing Fallen Earth, and as a result Wol’s progress has happened without me even intending it to.  I seem to have a lot more APs, a lot more options, and even levelling my crafting has been easier.  It’s pretty safe to say that Wol is now my character of choice for post apocalyptic gaming goodness.

Of course, there is a price for that continued progress, and that is: The Grand Choosing.  Well, it’s what I think of as The Grand Choosing.  For anyone else, it could be Tuesday evening.  Any particular Tuesday evening, at that.  Or even a Wednesday.

Because The Grand Choosing is that moment where that big choice is made: What will this character *do*.

Most games don’t have this moment during gameplay.  They have it during character creation.  In choosing a character class, we choose what our character will wear, will wield, and what their role will be in the game world.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing.  Having a specialised, defined role from the beginning means never having to wonder if you’re playing a “broken” character.  And by “broken”, I mean not able to do much after all the levelling’s done but die a lot.

Fallen Earth is not like the other kids, in this and many other ways.

Fallen Earth allows a scary amount of customisation, with many attractive options.  Yet the finer details are annoyingly vague, and there is a constant fear of creating some sort of Frankenstein’s monster of a character; one so fractured and broken it’s as if someone forgot to put in the stitches.

Well, that’s my fear.  There are so many cool things I’d like Wol to be able to do that I have to sit down, get out a character creater thingy such as Globaltech Atlas’ one here, and figure a few things out.  It also helps that Wol has a respec device; having a safety net, even a one-use safety net, makes me feel much better about spending APs.


The First Test of The Grand Choosing is The Lovely Brew. I never, ever make an important decision without the soothing, calming, and smarts-boosting effects of a lovely cup of tea.  Empires might rise and fall, but I won’t do anything without a large mug of the steaming brown stuff in my hand.  No, wait, that didn’t sound right.  Moving swiftly on:

The Second Test of The Grand Choosing is Choice Of Weapon. There are three main combat styles; Melee, Pistols and Rifles.

I’m sure I’m not alone in being drawn to the bangsticks.  They’re not something seen in many MMOs, never mind being used to such an extent.  Rifles are long-range, but I’m clumsy and random and pistols are better for mid-range and close-combat.  Melee suffers from the fact that most of my MMO characters have wielded some form of hurty-stick, regardless of whether the combat was fps or MMO-standard.

I think it’s going to be Pistols, with a touch of Melee for when I feel like getting out my 2by4 (or whatever’s replaced it).  If I start pining for rifles there are sub-machine guns, and even sawed of shotguns that use pistol skill.

The Third Test of The Grand Choosing is Everything Else.
By “Everything Else” I mean what, other than combat, do I want my character to be able to *do*.  Crafting, to a large degree, is free in that you don’t need to put APs into it.

Mutagenics, on the other hand, requires APs but doesn’t particularly feature until Sector 2, and whilst I am reliably informed that I could go there at level 15, I’m also reliably informed that going there before squeezing all the starter towns for all of their AP Quest goodness is purest folly.  That might well take me until level 20-something, so I can wait to learn more.

Medicine and First Aid is highly attractive, as ever.  I’ve always been aware of my own abilities and limitations in First Person Shooter gaming; I’m not twitchy enough to excel at the combat, but I am smart enough to figure out how I can be, at the very least, an effective speed-bump in someone else’s killing spree.

But a support role such as healing means I can help the combat monkeys do their thing.

The Fourth Test of The Grand Choosing is The Winnowing.
This is where I realise that I don’t have the points for everything that I want Wol to be able to do, and start cutting out some things.  Maybe I’m not going to be great at wielding a 2by4, so that I can be more dangerous with a pistol.  Maybe the only mutagenics I’ll have will be healing stuff, so I can use that to bolster my Medicine and First Aid skills.

It goes without saying that The Winnowing is the nasty part of The Grand Choosing.

So, I’m looking at creating a pistol-toting crafting field medic with the potential for a bit of brain-burning and a 2by4 for when it all goes wrong.

Heheh.  I love Fallen Earth…



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