Sunday Madness

May 24, 2010 at 3:46 pm | Posted in General | 4 Comments
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Wotcha everyone,

Every so often, I have a head-brain malfunction.

For some completely unfathomable reason, I decided that what Herewerd really needed was a proto-drake.  I’m not sure why, as I was flying around Ice Crown on my lovely armoured (fast) griffon, and I’m really not a mount collector.  The griffon does me proud, and that’s enough for me.


So I went on to Wowhead, and started a short bit of research on Proto-Drakes.  But bear in mind I was on a slacker’s flight of fancy; I wanted a Proto-Drake, but I didn’t want to grind for one.  Earning my ride?  No thanks; I wanted it now.

After a checking out a couple of entries, I was already getting bored.  But then I found that one drops from a rare elite that flies around Ice Crown; the Time-Lost Proto Drake.

Yay!  Just check out the handily-provided map, find mob, kill mob, loot mob, drink celebratory cup of tea, fly proto-drake!

So I flew around Ice Crown, farming herbs and ore whilst keeping an eye open for a rare-elite drrrrrragin.  And whilst I did, I started noticing something I’d never noticed before…

Dotted about, in suspiciously strategic positions, were a number of other players.  They looked far too much like they were…  waiting.

I could have asked them why they were… waiting.  Or even if they were after the same drrrrragin I was, but were even more of a slacker than I was (waiting for it to come to you is the course of action only a cad and a bounder would choose, never mind being a slacker).  But I was too embarrassed, and it was a bit late, and I’d just spent 45 minutes chasing a ghost around a zone.

Still, I did get to fill a bag with herbs and ore.




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  1. Go grind rep, ya slacker! It should be plenty quiet enough to do all the daily quest and snag some eggs!

  2. …plus, the ‘I win’ set piece is ace, and the races are fun too

  3. Wotcha Yawningangel,
    But that’s to haaaaaard! Besides, the feeling has passed. If I bump into this really rare elite then I shall mug it for its mounty goodness, but if I never see it I shall not care.

  4. I’ve just realised it was the proto-drake, not the netherdrake. So I’ll change my plee to:

    Meh, they are ugly

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