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May 20, 2010 at 5:40 pm | Posted in General | 2 Comments
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Wotcha everyone,

I feel like such a raid hooer.

I spoke to my friend in the rather successful raiding guild, checked out their website, and found that whilst they have restoration and elemental shamans up the wazoo, they don’t have an enhancement shaman.

I’ve never played an enhancement shaman in my life.

Until now, of course.  Yeesh!  Is there nothing I won’t do to get into a raid group?

The answer seems to be; “No”.  I’ve respecced from elemental, which I didn’t really mind as I found it to be rather boring to use when farming and questing.  Of course, it was boring because it did such a scarily large amount of damage.  Three key presses and whatever normal mob it was would be lying down on the ground, desperate to give me all its xp and trez just to make the pain stop.

That is no longer an option.  Mine is the more involved, more difficult route.

(See what I did there?  I’ve managed to alienate every single ranged dps player in every game ever!  Just with one simple little line.  Let’s see if they notice.)

Ahem.  The gear, or lack of it, didn’t help.  Being the only enhancement kid on the block wearing +spell gear doesn’t help in the Not Looking Like A Njub stakes.

Follow this with what I previously knew to be true about Enhancement Shamans:

Windfury gud.

Umm.  That’s it.  So I did some research.  Deciding to cut out the middleman, I decided to go straight to Elitist Jerks.  There I found that:

Dual weapons gud.
2.6-3.0 second swing times Gud.
Two-handers bad.  Ded-bad.  Even more bad than ded-bad.

I tried to find out more, but there was a lot of acronyms going on, and maths, and I was already feeling out of my depth.  There was also a throbbing vein in my temple which I’m pretty sure is a bad sign, so I cut out whilst I was ahead.  And before some sort of head-explodey thing happened.

Time for Plan B: I installed a Shaman mod.  Now, I look down on people who use mods for gameplay purposes.  I am a gaming snob, and feel that gameplay mods just prop up poor skill.  So, with my get-out clause of “It’s just until I have a better idea of what I’m doing” at the ready, I started my first fight.

And almost died as my screen suddenly lit up like a Christmas Tree, and I couldn’t see anything for all the bars and screens and something was in my head screaming; “Thicky! Thicky! THICKY!”

I’m not sure the voice in my head came with the mod, but by turning most of it off I now feel that it’s helping me a bit, without playing for me.  And the voice went away, so maybe it was an option in the mod’s settings after all.

It’s called Shock and Awe, and I use the timer bars as they are very helpful.

Of course, all this wasn’t enough.  I needed proper practice, not just picking on normal mobs for pocket change.  My friend very kindly offered to team up through a few LFD runs.  Now, both of my regular readers will know of my dislike of going off for a bit of LFD, but if I’m going to go raiding I need the gear that those little dungeon monsties drop, as well as their lovely little, oh so juicy emblems.

So here am me, in a nasty patchwork of low quality enhancement gear and high quality +spell gear, girly-giggling as I try and keep up through a dizzyingly phantasmagorical selection of instances.  Needless to say, Recount said I as wrrrrrrrrrubbish!

And, honest admission time here, with my mate as co-pilot, they were much more fun.  In point of fact, I had a good couple of hours as we worked to get me enough emblems to get a set of shoulders from the nice emblem man.

And I had fun as an enhancement shaman, even if I’m a particularly poor one.  I need to work out a proper rotation of abilities, as well as learn when to use the right ability.  I need to sharpen up my positioning skills, as well as sharpen up my gaming enough to keep up with ranged dps, but hey, it’s a challenge I look forward to.

Have I sold my principles for a shot at raiding the big time?

Well, sometimes principles are misguided, and it takes something like this to remind me of the fact that I have a bad habit of deciding on a certain course of action, to have certain principles, and do my utmost to keep a death-grip on them despite any negative influences that they might have upon me having fun.

Whereas sometimes it’s fun to be a complete njub, and feel like I have to learn everything again.  It’s refreshing, as is deciding to lay aside any principles and prejudices I might have created, and go and have fun.

I’m all for challenges in my gaming, and if playing an enhancement shaman in a raid group is too much of a challenge, then I’ll be happy as long as I gave it my all.




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  1. Good luck raiding. Tell ’em I said ‘hi’ 🙂 I looked at my wow account, and I have a 7day welcome back credit waiting to be used…but I don’t feel the draw yet.

    Not managed to log back into Fallen Earth yet either, and I suspect that will fall by the wayside. Give me a shout when you’re next on and you can have my stuff, Eve style :-p

    I’m mainly bumbling my Warden around the shire learning to cook and farm. Action and adventure, oh yes! hehe

    • Funnily enough I just dual-specced to Enhancement from Restoration, so I’m also trying to learn my way through Enhancement, but mostly for questing – I’m not doing much in dungeons and I’m hating having to switch gear, but I like how easily everything else switches with the dual spec.

      Will be interested in any tips you have!

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