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Wotcha everyone,

Crafting is a big part of Fallen Earth, and it’s filled with lovely gaming goo.  It’s not a vital part of the game, as there are plenty of ways to get weapons and gear, and from other players is just one of them.

You won’t even be “missing out” if you choose not to craft, but for me it is loads of fun.  As with all things Fallen Earth, there’s quite a learning curve, and it’s taken me a while to start to get to grips with the some of the finer points of the crafting system.


Njub Admission Number 1:

Sometimes I’m such a njub it hurts.  Real, physical pain.  It could be angina; I bet I hit most of the criteria for that demographic.  Hmm.  Less hypochondriac rambling, more embarrassing admission.

I was always short of Ragged Leather.  So many armourcrafting recipes need leather that it hurts.  Yet I just couldn’t get that much Ragged Leather.  Even when I went off farming leathery-looking animals, I kept getting some weird animal skin drops.  Ragged Coyote Leather is a prime example of the NOT RAGGED LEATHER that I’d get.

Yet I could never find which recipes  such things as Ragged Coyote Leather were used for, despite them being described as tradeskill ingredients.

That’s because I seem to have had a huyuuuge blind spot that just didn’t see the phrase: Also Counts As in the item description.  So I was putting stacks of Ragged Coyote Leather in the bank, and not realising that it could, of course, be used as Ragged Leather.

I sigh.  *Head-desk*

Learn from my lesson; read the whole of an item’s description, and don’t just grumble about it not being what you need it to be before throwing it in the bank.  Also Counts As is now my friend.

Njub Admission Number 2:

Start off questing, not crafting.  Honestly, do some quests.  Quite a number of starter quests have crafting books as rewards, and even though quite a few of them are quite cheap, there’s still quite a few of them, and the cost does add up.

Getting the missions done will also net you some cash, but more importantly will take you out into the wilds, and in the wilds are lots and lots of resource nodes.  Farming whilst questing can net you a surprisingly large crafting stash, as well as helping to locate (and then waypoint) some great farming spots.

If you decide to immediately jump into crafting, then you’ll actually find it harder starting off, than if you take your time and get a few quests done.  Never mind losing out on cash and AP rewards from quests.

When I started Hawley I went a little quest-blind.  With Wol I made sure I got quests done, and life has been a lot, lot easier.

Njub Admission Number 3:

Scrap Fasteners.  They were the bane of my crafting life.  The little suckers are prevalent in so many recipes, and so many are used that you’ll never find enough.  And seeing as they’re a third of a blue chip each, they’ll bankrupt you whilst you’re making your first pistol.

I’d looked through the wares of various crafting vendors, and even asked around to see if there was a crafting book that would make scrap fasteners, but no-one seemed to know.  I obviously gave up too easily.

Lifenet Podcast number 7 came to my rescue.  In their crafting special, they talked about the use of Refine X books, and it was as if the heavens parted, and the sun came out again.

Refine Fasteners cost me almost 12 blue chips (which is a lot to a starting character), but it’s worth its weight in purest green.  I also got Refine Adhesive, as Weak Adhesive is also used a lot.  I’ll also be looking out for the other Refine books, because they allow the creation of many of the annoying to scavenge/never have enough crafting ingredients.  They’re comparatively expensive for new characters, but they’re an investment, and one you won’t regret if you’re going to be crafting a lot.

It takes 15 minutes to make a Scrap Fastener.  Weak Adhesive takes a similar time, which seems strange seeing as it takes less time to make more complex items.  But they take easily- and plentifully-found base ingredients, so what I do is set off a batch just before logging off.

Right now, I’m the only crafter I know with a surplus of Scrap Fasteners.  I’m trying not to be too smug about it, seeing as I’m aware of the scary amount of cash I’ve spent on Scrap Fasteners in the past.

Njub Admission Number 4:

If you’re going to be doing any serious crafting then you’ll be crafting the upgrade books, and that means you’ll be needing pens.


There’s a book called Craft Pen.  Buy it.  Make pens.  They’re stupid expensive, especially considering the fact that the book costs less than the price of two pens.
They don’t even have nasty ingredients, and they stack nicely in the bank for when you need them.

I bought pens.  Then felt stupid.

I’m not really a Pro Tip sort of person.  But I’m more than willing to share my mistakes with the intarnets, so that you, dear reader, don’t have to share my njubness.

Have fun in the GC.




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  1. Where does one find these Refine Fastner/Adhesive and Pen books? Those sound amazing!

    I did find an area that reliably drops Fasteners ourside Odenville by the graveyard area… and by reliably, I mean 1 out every ten nodes gives you one fastener… still, better than blind luck!

  2. Wotcha Dickie,
    I’m pretty sure (I’ve slept since then) that I got those books from the Science Trainer in Odenville. It’s always worth going back to trainers, because they have the Refine X books, as well as quite often selling Level 2 craft books for less than the cost of a pen and paper.
    I remember buying the Refine Antiseptic book from the Medicine Trainer in Odenville for Hawley, and that was really useful for levelling Medicine.

  3. Thanks! Just for anyone else that reads this, those books are in Odenville, but it is the general Tradskills Merchant that has them. He’s in the center of the town near the Social Trainer.

    I’m psyched now, I can make my own Fasteners! 😉

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