Goodbye, Old Nag

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Wotcha everyone,

At the weekend, I did something that I hadn’t done since Star Wars Galaxies.  No, it wasn’t thrust my fists in the air and wail whilst gnashing my teeth at the foolishness of the New Game Experience (KNEEL BEFORE NGE!), but spend time crafting a mount.

Fallen Earth has a lovely crafting system, and it’s no surprise to either of my regular readers that I particularly enjoy games which have a lovely crafting system.

And I’ve been slowly raising Wol’s crafting skills.  I’m at the point where I’ve done most of the quests in Odenville, and I’ve recently moved to Embry Crossroads to continue questing.  Oh, and because I know there are a good few quests that give weaponry and armour crafting books there.

I rode my Old Nag from Odenville to Embry Crossroads.  I’d not been using it much up to then; it was generally easier to run on foot whilst questing, as I was using the standard Fallen Earth travelling method:

The shortest route between two points is via all the resource nodes.

Sometimes, it’s nice not to have to constantly be clicking to get on and off the horse.

That Old Nag is lovely.  It’s one of a few small rewards from the extended tutorial, so is lovely and free.  It’s also got a whole 4 inventory slots, so it can at least carry its own horsefeed and repair kits.  It’s also speedy enough to ensure that travel between inhabited areas isn’t a probable death sentence due critters looking for a slow portion of Clone Pie.

But it’s called an Old Nag for a reason.  It can’t carry that much, and it goes through horsefeed as if it’s realised that it’s soon for the knackers yard, and it’s going out fat.

So it was time I looked at getting a new horse.  Now, I’m a quarter of the way through the ATV quest, so that wasn’t an option.  It will most probably be a good few levels before I’ll be getting my grubby post-apocalyptic mitts on an ATV.

I’m not sure where and how I’d get the gasoline to keep it in fuel anyway.  Vehicles are something I want to end up crafting (yes, I want an interceptor for that whole “It’s the last of the V8 interceptors cachet), but at this moment in time all I could do is just park it up in a garage and leer at it occasionally.

So horse it is.  And because Nature skill is tied to all sorts of resource gathering, my skill level was easily high enough to craft a Riding Horse.

Now, I remember the cool factor that I felt after I created my first speeder bike in Star Wars Galaxies, and whilst the Riding Horse doesn’t have pride of place in one of the iconic scenes of Return of the Jedi, there is a certain amount of satisfaction in having done more than run up to the vendor and handing over meeeeeellions of gold.

I admit, at this stage it isn’t much more interaction than running up to the vendor and handing over meeeeeeeeellions of gold, but it’s a start.

The fact that it has a better range and more storage is a bonus.



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