Tuesday Night Wol Project

May 5, 2010 at 3:27 pm | Posted in General | 1 Comment
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Wotcha everyone,

Tuesdays are for Fallen Earth, so last night was spent amongst the denizens fair and foul (mostly foul) of the Grand Canyon.

I started the night running quests.  I was attempting to get the Odenville part of the ATV quest done, but was having problems trying to get past the packs of higher level coyotes that hang around one part of the quest.  Needless to say I died a good couple of times before I learned that sometimes, it’s best to take a long detour through lower level mobs, than take a short cut through Doom! City, population: You.

In the course of my detour, I managed to find a small enclave of CHOTA warriors who think Gun.  It was quite a surprise, as for those who aren’t aware; the Children of the Apocalypse are free-thinking anarchists who like close combat melee.  It made the explorer in me more than happy, as I’d literally stumbled upon it, with no mission waypoint handily guiding me there.  It also made the player in me happy, as suddenly the CHOTA were more than just close-combat anarchists.  When questioned, the NPCs explained that they were a little radical in their faction’s combat philosophy, and gave a good reason why (Gosh, we find firearms to be rather efficacious in ranged combat, duckie).

There were a few quests to be taken there, so I had fun helping out the radical free thinkers as they radically free-thought some naughty gang-members into the next world with the use of my funky pool cue and my combat crossbow.

The night ended with Wol crafting his little heart out.  I’ve not been neglecting crafting, but I’ve not been anywhere near as obsessed with it as I was with Hawley, and that has meant that I needed to raise a couple of crafting skills up in order to continue the crafting quests, and to make that first part of the ATV.

When science skill had been raised to the appropriate level, I finished off the control system for my ATV.

So that’s part one of my ATV quest done, three parts to go.

Next part of the Wol Project will be to Spend Some APs.  Because I’ve not needed to, I’ve not been spending Action Points that Wol has gained through levelling and quest rewards.  However, I do feel that getting to 101 APs is tantamount to hoarding for hoarding’s sake, so I shall be looking long and hard at Wol, what I’ve enjoyed doing with him, and deciding what directions I want to take him in.

Then I shall spend, spend spend!



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