Plan me not, Bank Holiday

May 4, 2010 at 3:35 pm | Posted in General | 2 Comments
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Wotcha everyone,

It was a Bank Holiday weekend in dear old Blighty this weekend, so of course it was a perfect time for rain, traffic jams on the Motorways, a bit more rain, visiting relatives and friends, getting those big nasty chores done, and of course, even more rain.

As well as all that, I had some semi-sort-of-possibly-might-be-plans-if-you-squint-at-them-funny plans for some time with a number of different games, but then the whole Icarus thing broke.  I’ll let Ysharros tell you about it, if you didn’t catch it at the time.

I’m not very good at expressing sympathy at the best of times, and quite frankly I’m worse in print.  I’ll just say good luck to Icarus’ ex-employees, and that way I can stay away from any duck-billed platitudes.

But the upshot is that my plans to take Wol through to the end of the extended tutorial suddenly turned into going all the way through the Midway starter quests, getting to level 5, and starting the quests in Odenville.

Part of it was that I was enjoying Fallen Earth so much that I didn’t want to fire up anything else.  The other part was hearing that Fallen Earth was dead, then hearing it wasn’t, made me want to hold on to it and not let go.

I suppose that’s one of the reasons why I hate making plans.  Something always comes up…




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  1. I’m not sure it’s dead. Did you see the giveaway Massively is doing? (I posted, but it was Syp’s info.) It was 500 keys and I suspect they’re gone already — hubby and I snaffled one each as soon as we saw the offer, and once we get downloaded we’ll be giving it a try. We haven’t been in Fallen Earth since the early days of beta, so it’ll be an interesting return.

    • Wotcha Ysharros,
      Oh, it’s not dead, but hearing it was was a shock. Hearing it wasn’t dead after all was a real relief.
      I would think the Massively giveaway was a marketing ploy to remind players that the game is not actually dead, but willing to run on and on. And long may it run, daring to be different.
      Do look up Wol, when you’re on.

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