The Wol Project

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Wotcha everyone,

Tuesday is for Fallen Earth, so last night saw me logging on for a session of post-apocalyptic living.

Now, the last couple of weeks have seen me struggle a little in Fallen Earth, and that’s largely due to Hawley being stuck in the doldrums.  With Hawley, I’ve been playing in the manner of a young, sugar-obsessed child in an All-You-Can-Eat sweetshop, with all the hyper-active running about and attempting to do everything at once that implies.

Hawley’s been crafting everything he could, been off gathering anything not nailed down (as well as farming the things that weren’t; pesky critters) and running through quests and quest areas that seemed like a giggle at the time.

Fallen Earth is great for that.

But because of that, Hawley is in a bit of a pickle.  He needs about a week of tidying up, sorting out his quests and quest locations, sorting out bank and bag slots, sorting out training and all sorts of sundry little things that, quite frankly, I’m too lazy to do right now.  Too much sorting.

Hence, The Wol Project.

Wol is an alt I had previously created, and had previously taken through The Dam tutorial.  Yes, I am so alt-tastic that I even feel the need to create alts in a game which has no character classes, and no particular need for a defined role in which to prosper.  I am bad, I know.

Last night I went through a large chunk of the extended tutorial.  I didn’t get to go through all of it for a number of reasons (some of which are old ones where Fallen Earth is concerned);

Time was short due to some unforeseen real-world intrusions.  Such is life.

I kept getting side-tracked with exploring.  And it’s one of the reasons I love Fallen Earth; I’m running from one tutorial quest-giver to another, or running off to go and beat up prairie chickens (big, evil mutant prairie chickens WITH HANDS!) when something will catch my eye, and I’ll deviate from the shortest path to go and investigate.  It takes time looking at post-apocalyptic points of interest, you know.

Then there’s that well-documented method of travel in Fallen Earth; from resource node to resource node, gathering as we go.  Well, it’s how I travel in Fallen Earth.  I really find it hard to leave something I can lever up in any online game, so the fact that Fallen Earth really, really wants me to grab all the resources my grubby little mitts can get to is great.  But all that hoovering slows me down when travelling.  I might have to get blinkers for when I have to travel *in a rush*.

I kept reading the quest text.  Yes, Hawly Quest-Reader.  If anything, the quality of Fallen Earth’s quest texts have meant that I’ve started to read more than just the bullet points in other games.  I care a little more about the story reasons for going to do something, rather than just the cash and xp benefits.

But the Wol Project has started, and shall continue.

Does the Wol Project have a purpose, you ask?  Go on, ask.  I have an answer prepared, you see, and the the next bit would seem a bit pushy if I just volunteered it at you.

Ta muchly, I’d love to answer your question:

I’m going to play Wol for a bit because I like to think I now know enough about Fallen Earth to be a lot less random about playing it.

I’m going to see about having a little structure in my post-apocalyptic gaming.  I now have a much better idea about how to play, and what avenues I can pursue to attain gaming nirvana.

I’m also going to try a few things in depth, that I only vaguely looked at with Hawley:

Combat.  I did enough combat to survive, or get just what I needed.  With Wol, I’ll see about getting a bit more fighty, and see about getting combat skills rather than just flailing wildly.

Questing.  I’ll see about organising my questing a little more, completing the bulk of quests in one town before moving to the next.  Hopefully, it will mean less random wandering between towns, and therefore less time travelling.

Skills.  Hawley is more than just a tad crafting-focused, so I’m going to see about getting more than just crafting done with Wol.  I might even find some time for those strange Social skill things.  It might be nice to pay less at vendors.

Of course, there’s a high likelihood that I’ll get past the extended tutorial and then just go and be just as random as I am with Hawley, but that’s why this is a project.

It’ll be fun.



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  1. The Wol Project, sounds like you are going to try to see how much wool will fit on your bank/person/horse

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