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Wotcha everyone,

I had my first experience of the Looking For Dungeon tool today.

I’d been putting it off.  Really, I had.  I love instancing; it’s by far and away my favourite activity in MMOs.  Throwing myself and a trusty band of leet-death-hero-ninjas into a den of evil and fighting the good fight is just purest cool.

So you might imagine my trepidation when approaching anything that might replace those thoughts of purest cool with “gogogogogo” and the sole intention of farming the instance as quickly as possible.

Having been informed that the LFD groups have a better attitude when levelling, I decided to go with Skooge for my first attempt.  Brave on a number of fronts, I felt.  It’s a long, looooong (yes, that long) time since I went into an instance with a dps class, never mind a dps class made of tissue paper.  Skooge is also carrying quest rewards, rather than anything punchy like phat epixxx, so his dps is going to be looooow.  Finally, out-of-practice-and-badly-equipped Skooge is a dps class, so is therefore easily replaceable…

It was the middle of the day, and being dps I knew there would be a delay.  Seeing as there are plenty of quests for a level 70 rogue in Northrend, I was quite fine waiting 30 minutes for the panel to flash up asking me if I was ready.

And a short while later, I was back in the queue because one of the dps slots decided not to come.  Four attempts later, we’ve got a full group.  Each time, it was a dps position that decided not to come, and I’m thinking it was because they’d queued and then gone afk due to the long wait, died of boredom, or decided there was no chance they were going to go adventuring with Skooge.  Or something.

Anywho, we’re in a dungeon.  I’ve no idea which, seeing as I’d not been there before, and I didn’t catch anyone saying which one it was.  It had those viking-styled chaps, and wolves.  It reminded me of Preston on a Saturday evening, about the time the pubs shut.

Now, as part of a giggle, I decided to install Recount.  It was there when I was installing a couple of other useful mods, and whilst I think people spamming dps lists is purest bad form, it is useful when I’m trying to eke the last bit of dps from poor little Skooge.

Well, Recount told me I was wrrrrrrrubbish.  This is understandable; green quest-reward shivs and gear, a talent spec that was thrown together in moments, and a severe lack of practice at dishing out the pain in instances meant that I was dead last, with Recount giving me a dps in the mid 700s, with even the dual-wielding warrior-dps a clear 100 dps above me.

My shame was not to last, though.  The tank had decided to keep running and pulling, despite the poor tree-lookin’ drood running out of mana.  The first time the tank took a dirt-nap there was moaning and shouting, and the drood told him that no mana means no heal.

Yet shortly after the first boss, the tank goes sprinting off without seeming to check that the rest of us were with him (never mind the tree) and is quite understandably taking his second dirt-nap a few seconds later.  Cue crying and a toy-pram interface failure, and the tank leaves the group.

After a short while, the instance is over.  Big fat servings of Damp Squib Pie for everyone.

It was instructive at the very least.  It was also gigglesome, but not in an especially good way.

I’ll be coming back to the LFD tool, but not necessarily immediately; I might see about getting some instancing in with a more forgiving, less PUG-angry set of people first…



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  1. I’ve had a really great time with the LFD tool, it’s been one of my key ways of getting better gear and xp. Sure we have some rubbish groups, and the tanks all seem to run and pull – but often they’re rubbish but get the job done,a nd sometimes they’re really nice.

    I then joined a PuG on my server than needed a healer, and they were just as rubbish (or we had an atrocious tank). I lectured him on why the RP server, and the rest of the group rallied round to defend me! Was fun!

    I do kind of wish I was seeing BC as it should be seen, quests & instances.. but I also feel the need to cap with one char before Cataclysm.. mind, at the rate I’m playing it’ll be a while yet!

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