Seven Days of the Skooge

April 22, 2010 at 4:23 pm | Posted in General | Leave a comment
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Wotcha everyone,

Wouldyebelieeeeevit?  I go and sort out a core hound pet- umm- authenticator thingy for my account (and gosh! I also get a free core hound pet!), but whilst I’m there I find that Blizzard want to give me 7 days free game time seeing as what I’m such a good customer and they really miss me!

Wahey!  Maybe they’re feeling generous after all the sparkly ponies that they sold.  Or maybe they really do miss me.  Personally, I don’t mind about them selling sparkly ponies, or ugly little robots, or even comedy miniature versions of big scary bosses for real money.  In a brief joining of the dead horse flogging bandwagon, Hawley loves free stuff and subscriptions, but doesn’t really like paying out for any extras, be they sparkly or even just shiny.

However, Hawley does not mind how other people spend their money, nor does he care how companies choose to make their money.  Hawley might choose to take his business elsewhere if the company starts to really take the p0ss, but similarly Hawley cannot comment on how other private individuals spend their money when he tends to spend his pocket money on model aircraft and miniature armies.

That concludes the party political broadcast for the Hawley Not Minding Party.

Back to Skooge.  Y’know, this free seven days is a lovely opportunity to see if Skooge is more fun than he used to be, and if I’ll be wasting a tenner on a month’s subscription to see about getting him to level 80.

Before the world ends.

I have had a brief blast, and found that I’d forgotten how to play a rogue.  Not that playing a rogue is the same as it was in the past; quite a few things seem to have changed.

And it doesn’t help that I was attempting to play a rogue as if it was a restoration shaman.  That lack of self-healing can be a real kicker.  Once we’d stepped over that little issue, and remembered that the pointy things go in the monsty, we were capable of moving on and discovering that being a whirling dervish of daggers and bones (Skooge is a bit undead, but doesn’t mind) is a lot of fun, if a tad psychotic.

It also gives me the opportunity to have a looky at things like the dungeon finder thingy, and possibly throw rotten fruit at Arthas, dependant on whether I can catch him popping out to the shops for some milk.



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