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April 21, 2010 at 3:51 pm | Posted in General | 3 Comments
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Wotcha everyone,

I must be mellowing in my old age.  It’s that, or Blizzard have rather effectively groomed me (Mummy-mummy, the software company touched my account in a bad place) when it comes to the Authenticator.

I remember my initial response to the change to accounts, and being all negative about it until I realised that an Authenticator doohicky would not actually be required to log into World of Warcraft, just recommended.

I also remember thinking that the £6 they were charging for an authenticator was just mean-spirited if they were going to be mandatory.

Then I found out that I was (thankfully) wrong, and that the main impact for me was a change of logon/account name.  In all likelihood it was to enable me to fully integrate into the Blizzard digital empire, rather than just remain as a serf in the kingdom of World of Warcraft-vania.

A couple of days ago I reinstalled World of Warcraft, and thus the latest part of the Ballad of Hawley and started.

I just wasn’t thinking about authenticators, or even accounts.  I was actually thinking more about playing a loremaster in Lord of the Rings Online, seeing as that’s what I was doing rather than just watch an installer do its thing.

But once everything had installed, I was left with a launch screen with a most enticing offer…

Get your account authenticated; get a free mini core hound pet.

I really like the core hound model.  That two-headed dog-thing is just plain made of makeshawleysmileinium.  In point of fact, I like the model so much that I tried to get the Kurken (shaggy core-hound) trained with my Hunter, but seeing as the Hunter was level 11 and didn’t have the fancy pet trait to allow me to train the exotic models, I couldn’t get it.  Big tears were shed.

It’s just a sweetener, and it’s not like it will be unique, but it does mean that I decided to look again at the awful horror that is the Blizzard Authenticator.

When my account was set up, I did look at getting the mobile phone version of the authenticator.  But despite there being literally meeeellions (tens) of different models that could download the authenticator, there wasn’t an Android version.  Yes, Hawley does Android.  Wait, that doesn’t sound right.

But now there is an Android authenticator, so what Blizzard have done is make it *easy* to get an authenticator, and therefore *easy* to protect my account with one.  That sounds good to me; I am a slacker after all.

I also believe that people shouldn’t be punished for doing the right thing.  Getting an authenticator makes it harder for nasty people to hack my account, so why should I be punished by having to pay for it?

So I get an easy and free way to get an authenticator, no reason not to use it, and a core-hound to call my very own.  Mellowed out or effectively groomed doesn’t matter.

I think I’ll get my account authenticated.




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  1. Funnily enough, have been debating getting one myself. Don’t want to put it on my iPod Touch, cos I usually connect to my netbook with that, not my PC with WoW on. Not sure about the phone.. but I could, I guess I’ll have this phone a while. Considered the £6 so I could carry one in my bag.

    Only need to know what happens if I lose/drop/break device with authenticator on.

  2. Wotcha Arbitrary,
    There is an FAQ, but it seems that it all boils down to calling customer services if it all goes tits up. My phone contract will be up soon, but it’s possible to disassociate the app from the account as long as you have the phone/device. If you don’t? Customer services.
    One side effect is that I take more care of my phone at the moment.

  3. I got one on my iPod. Whee. My Core Hound is called Bernie and he likes to toss bones.

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