Sunday: Cold Turkey

April 12, 2010 at 3:30 pm | Posted in General | Leave a comment

Wotcha everyone,

Today is Monday (and therefore Day 2 of Hawley’s Big Fat Experiment).  Since I got up on Sunday (Day 1 of Hawley’s Big Fat Experiment), I’ve come to regret the decision to see what life is like without gaming.  This is because gaming is surprisingly prevalent in my life…

Just to sort out any possible confusion, I’m not removing the intarnet from my life, because even if I was cut off from my broadband, I have intarnets on my lovely android phone, I have (limited) intarnets at work, and I have many, many friends who are only a phone call away should a spot of light googling be required.

Gaming, on the other hand, is something I can’t do to a satisfactory level through a 3g mobile dangly-dingly-dongle.  For a start, the cost is prohibitive, never mind paying over the odds for a shonky connection.  And it’s not the same if you call a mate and ask them to log on and play for you.

So I’m not removing the intarnets from my life for a week, just computer-based gaming.  Stuff I’ve been doing since those halcyon days of the ZX Spectrum 48k.

Of course, just stopping MMO gaming would be pointless; still allowing offline/single-player gaming would be like deciding to cut down on drinking by not going to the pub, but staying home and downing a four-pack of Special Brew and a bottle of vodka every night.

So, no games.  It seemed like such a simple thing.

Well, for a start my Sunday morning routine of getting up at stupidly-early-o’clock and log onto a game for an hour or so’s gaming before breakfast was not possible.  So breakfast was cooked without having butchered a few orcs beforehand.

Then there were the strange little things that happen:

  • I spent a good fifteen minutes staring at my lovely lady’s Nintendo DS (no, that’s not a euphemism.  Dirty, dirty-minded reader!  Bad!) on the shelf, and was just about to fire it up when my head-brain reminded me that that would be gaming too.  I’m such a thicky!
  • I spent most of the day with the vague, uneasy feeling that if I didn’t log into World of Warcraft, the whole game would be destroyed.  Destroyed!  Millions of players would hate me!  I don’t even have an active subscription.  Or World of Warcraft installed on my pc.
  • I had a “moment” when I realised I even had to be careful of carelessly starting up a game on my phone during those odd 5-minute breaks whilst out and about.
  • I took refuge in low-tech.  I spent large chunks of the day painting miniatures badly, and listening to music I’ve not listened to for about a decade.
  • My lovely lady took advantage of my lack of gaming, and played The Sims 3 for a while.  I was so jealous I had to leave the room.  Then I had to hear all about the adventures of her little computer people.  I don’t even like The Sims.
  • I read game forums and even started up Steam, just to be near games.  And possibly try to give them a hug.

So far, no gaming.  I have stuck to my decision, even though my lovely lady laughed in that vaguely scornful you’ll-never-survive-and-you’d-better-not-be-grumpy-near-me-about-it way when I told her.  And Sunday seems like forever away.  I know I’m a gaming addict, that’s no surprise to me (or anyone else who knows me).  But it’s different to those times when moving house or ISP; there’s no moving things or settling in to occupy my time, and the sweet nectar of gaming is just a few clicks away.  It’s just there, whispering in my ear about all its lovely gaming charms.  As a result, I was just generally grumpy and somewhat listless.  And feeling like there was a huge party just next door, but I wasn’t able to go.



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