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Wotcha everyone,

Hearing about Cataclysm is making me want to play World of Warcraft again, and right now at that.  It is, of course, that nostalgic sort of yearning that remembers the good times without remembering the bad, whilst at the same time thinking that the game will have changed only for the good since I’ve been away.

Well, it won’t have changed that much, so my yearning can sit in the same drawer as my yearning for Warhammer Online (it’s supposed to be much better now, and yay! for that), Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Tha Seekrit Wurld.  Only there’s less nostalgia for those last two, them not being close to release yet.  But there is a severe case of wanting beta invites, despite me not liking the Beta gaming concept (the Make An Exception clause wants to be invoked).

There’s not much that would stop me getting Cataclysm.  Astonishingly negative reviews from actual professional (and therefore hopefully objective) reviewers would have an influence, but it’s more than likely that the only thing that would stop me is the price of admission, seeing as I have a honeymoon to go on roughly a month after the commonly perceived release date (that would be September).

Enough of my personal life, back to the end of Azeroth as we know it:

There isn’t a question of what server to play on (Argent Dawn is an old server, but a good one), but I am wondering what to play, and what side to play it on.

I must admit that I’ve no particular interest in either of the two new races.  I have no particular need to let out my inner goblin (seeing as the Trez Goblin is my copilot, and the Gin Goblins leave me alone as long as I stick to less than a bottle a week), and the worgen just leave me cold.  Maybe I was scarred by elite Sons of Arugal in Silverpine Forest, many moons ago.

I also had a look at the proposed changes to the Shaman class.  And was confused.  I’m sure that, as with all things World of Warcraft, the information provided has already been dissected and analysed to the microscopic level, but there just wasn’t enough hard and fast crunchy information in there for me to care enough.  There was still better and more information in there than I get in the average piece of general election party propaganda fluff I get through my door every day at the moment, but still, it means I’m unlikely to try and use any further developer release information to see what I fancy levelling up.

I’m also missing Skooge.  Skooge was my undead rogue, and my main character for original and unadulterated World of Warcraft.  He was great fun to play, but when every other class got dps talent trees, the fun wore off.  Being a one-trick pony when everyone else is a two-trick pony (one of which is your trick) is not a good thing to be.  Skooge was level 70 when I left him, and hasn’t been touched for a while.

So, with all the above (and more) in mind, what are my plans for Cataclysm at this time?

This time, I might well see about getting a priest to maximum level.  I’ve had a couple of attempts to get priests to high level, but they’ve all ended pretty soon.  I’m pretty sure it was repeating content (yet again), but hey.  Maybe new content is the key?

I’m also going to see about getting more instancing done.  I missed instancing the last time ‘round, as I was too busy raiding.  In point of fact, I’d be hard pressed to name any of the Wrath of the Liche King dungeons, never mind state a fact about any of them; that’s how little impact they had on my gaming.  Maybe I’ll hate the LFD thingy, maybe I’ll just hate the way that instancing seems to have gone the gogogogo way of battlegrounds, but I’ll give it a go and see how it feels.

I’ll also look at playing some Horde as well as Alliance.  I know lovely people on both sides of Blizzard’s rather strange and nowadays somewhat pointless divide, so it seems silly to ignore some of them.  Plus it means I can play Skooge again.  Once he’s levelled through Wrath of the Liche King.  And of course Shaman Herewerd will get to shout “Fzorch!” as he flings lightning painy death around again whilst levelling a few new levels.  So, all to the good there.  I might even see about instancing and raiding with him again, if I can find a raid team that wants a Restoration Shaman who just happens to be fabulous.

Of course, there’s still quite a bit of time before Cataclysm launches.  With more information released, and more plans made with friends, I’ll probably find that my intentions change with the wind.  I might even dust Skooge off, and get him through to level 80 before the Cataclysm launches.




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  1. We have a mini Alliance guild on Steamwheedle Cartel if you want to pop in and say hi. It’s mostly to play Worgen when Cataclysm hits.

    I have a shaman, a class I previously hated, and I now ADORE it so much I’m beginning to doubt my desire to play a worgen druid.. might go hunter and stick with the shaman main ;p

  2. Wotcha Arbitrary,
    You make a very tempting case, but as I also know many people on Argent Dawn I think I’m going to have to find a way to be contactable, so I can be findable without checking half a dozen games and servers…
    As for character, I’ll go for a healer of some kind. Probably Priest, might try out that hippy class. Not sure yet.

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