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April 7, 2010 at 8:32 pm | Posted in General | 2 Comments
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Wotcha everyone,

Free gaming is something I’ve been wondering about for a few weeks now.

Part of it is the desire to game with a few friends that don’t play the same subscription games that I do, and having no desire for any of us to pay an additional subscription for a game we’ll all play occasionally.

I tried looking at Allods Online which has a rather fun and funky style, and quite surprised me with the fact that it didn’t look like it was put together out of cornflake packets and 2d flash animations.

Unfortunately I’m not sure that I want to play Allods Online.  I love the look, but nothing has particularly grabbed me by the nuts and demanded that I play.  Which is a shame, because there’s nothing particularly wrong woth the game that I can see from my limited engagement with the game.  And if I can’t engage with the game, then it’s hard for me to evangelise it to my friends.

So I’ll soon be having a look at DnD Online.  I remember playing it for a couple of months after release, and whilst I didn’t think it was a bad game, I didn’t think I would play it enough to warrant paying a monthly fee for.

But all the reports I’ve read say that its free-to-play model is a good one, so I’d say it’s worth a few hours of my life to find out.




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  1. Something I read makes me believe DDO is free if you use an American server. Vague half remembered info FTW!

  2. Wotcha Alex,
    Your half-remembered facts are indeed correct. Yay for half-remembered facts!

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