Dipping a toe into the water… And hoping it stays there…

March 17, 2010 at 4:28 pm | Posted in General | Leave a comment
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Wotcha everyone,

For the last couple of Wednesdays, I have been dipping my toe into the waters of Nullsec.

I’ve not managed to get caught up in any *actual* pvp yet, but one thing that has really, really been hammered home is how much I *didn’t* know about life in New Eden.

It’s as if I’ve been forced to throw everything I thought I knew away, and start again from scratch.  The only thing I’ve been able to keep is the basics of how the User Interface works.  Yes, I can just about fly the big spaceship in a straight line, still.  Just.

So when I say; “waters of Nullsec”, I should really be using the terms “inky black”, “infested”, “terrifying”, “shark!” and “doom-laden” alongside it.  And when I say; “dipping my toe”, I should actually be saying; “smearing lovely meat paste all over myself, and then jumping into”.

At least, that’s the way I feel.

The daft thing is that I’m not even a stranger to PvP.

Now, quite rightly Eve Online has been accused of having a steep learning curve.  At times I’ve thought of it like being a spider, and looking at the side of the bath.  Slippery, steep, and probably going to be flooded very, very soon.

And just like the spider, it really helps if there’s a friendly person willing to scoop you up and put you out the back door, rather than turn on the taps and cackle maniacally.

I would love to be able to stand here and say that it’s not that scary, but right now it is.  Most of it is paranoia; I’m sure there’s a fleet behind every planet, every station, every asteroid that just wants to gank me.  In my face.

But having said all that, I suppose it’s like anytime we go into a new place; what is strange brings terror, and once we know what the rules of conduct (spoken and unspoken) are in any given place, much of the fear is gone.  Sometimes it’s replaced with a wary readiness, but that’s still not the frenzied scuttling that marks my initial forays around Nullsec, as I try and put a ship together.

It’s a fun (if scary) learning process.  Next goal; actually get out there and be involved in the shooting of something.



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