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March 1, 2010 at 5:28 pm | Posted in General | 4 Comments
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Wotcha everyone,

A distinct lack of real-life activities left me with nothing obvious to do just yesterday.  It being a Sunday, that’s a nice change from the usual, so I decided to make the most by spending some time gaming.  Little was I to know that the stars were right, and I’d run the gamut of gaming goodness…

Let me explain.  I started with some Mass Effect, because until I finish it, I shall not even think of Dragon Age: Origins or Mass Effect 2.  See me stand by my decisions!  Anyway, I’m close(ish) to the end, and a couple of hours of single-player adventure gaming flew by.

After a short tea break, I decided to log on to Lord of the Rings Online to run a solo skirmish or two with my hunter and evil captain, as that would get them both to level 38.  As I logged on, our kinship message of the day advised that an extra healer was needed to run Dar Nabugud.

“Hmm”, thinks I.  Never had the opportunity to go, thanks to the evil that is radiance gating.  My radiance was at 45, and 65 is the bare minimum requirement.  Having said that, I was 4 medallions away from getting the +25 radiance minstrel hat (that looks like it should be worn by a 70’s minstrel-pimp from the ghetto.  I hate that hat design)…

So, whilst running a solo skirmish with my hunter, I inform the kin officer in charge of the run that with help to run a couple of Sword Halls of Dol Guldur instances,  I could be that required minstrel.

Cue a short delay, a rounding up of two hunters, and I’m healing whilst one hunter tanks the Sword Halls.  Surprisingly smooth run, and one that shows that a hunter set up specifically to tank a 3-person instance can.  Nicely, as well.

Part way through, I’m asked if I fancy running Sammath Gul.  “More medallions”, thinks I.  “More tea”, I continue to think.

A short break to get a brew, and I’m sipping my way through a lovely cup of tea whilst healing a commando raid through a 6-person instance.  But for some reason, we couldn’t prevail, and after a few attempts at Mr Indecisive Himself (Ooh!  I’m being confronted with nice people that want to kill me lots.  What should I do, Mr Sauron?  What, kill them first?  Ok, Mr Sauron, if that’s what you think I should do…) we called it off.

That was ok for me; by that time I had more than enough medallions for that fugly hat, and it was far enough into the afternoon for me to get ready to go a-raiding.

And that’s where the evening ended.  Minstrel Hawley, in his first multiple-boss 12-person raid since the halcyon days of The Rift.

Fun.  Maybe not the same challenge as The Rift was, seeing as most of the raid were at level 65, and the content was developed for level 60 Moria players, but I’ll not complain as it was still nice to just go and see the place, and it’s not like doing content 5 levels lower in other games, in that it’s still a challenge.

And because I went in with no expectations, there was no stress or worry.  It was just nice to see a part of the game I’d not seen previously, and kill stuff.  And two bosses later, it ended with a number of people who’d not seen the place getting a taster of what it was like, and much fun had by all.

I suppose what struck me about the day wasn’t just the amount of gaming, but the scaling.  Single-player game to MMO raid, and every stage in between.  A rare day, for that, but one where the variety meant that it was never stale.




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  1. You saved the day there, Hawley me old chum 🙂

  2. You saved the day there, Hawley me old chum 🙂
    Glad you enjoyed it

  3. Can you edit these things…? *looking for edit button*. Where could it be? Extraordinary!

    (feel free to delete my multiple ramblings)

    • Wotcha Berath,
      Who doesn’t like being thanked multiple times?
      Actually, it was lovely being helped through that final barrier and into raiding. Radiance gating is a nasty thing to get through, and thanks to the kin, and yourself, for getting me past the latest hurdle.

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