Required: More hours in day.

February 26, 2010 at 4:59 pm | Posted in General | 1 Comment
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Wotcha everyone,

Busy life, multiple games.

Of course, I’d prefer a busy life to the alternative.  I’ve had periods of quiet life, and they are particularly boring.  And MMOs are no substitute for a social life.  More a complement to one.

So, my current issue is that I have three games that I’m particularly enjoying, but despite recent dual-monitor tests, I don’t particularly want to attempt to play more than one at a time.

Now, my usual Modus Operandi is to just fire up whatever tickles my fancy, and play that for as long as it’s still fun, or bedtime.  Whichever is first.  However, if I’m not careful I end up letting a game get all lonely and neglected, and I feel all guilty, so I try not to think about it, so it gets a bit more neglected, and suddenly it’s three months since I fired it up and I’m wondering what I’m paying the subscription for.

Thus, A PLAN.

Plans are good.  They can come in different types.  A’s, B’s, all sorts of letters, and you can even get 9 ones From Outer Space.  They are quite fantastic for organising what to do in a specific situation.

My plan is simple.  The three quietest, on average, nights of my week are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  So I shall devote one night to each game:

Monday is for Lord of the Rings Online
Tuesday is for Fallen Earth
Wednesday is for Eve Online

The rest of the week can be less regimented, because there’s still being sociable, or deciding to indulge in one of my nerdier passions, or even swapping a night over due to an in-game or real-life event, or some-such.

Each game gets one night a week to shine.  Thus none of them will be neglected, and I get to make the most of playing three games at the same time.

Can’t say fairer than that.

(I give it two weeks before I forget which night is which, and we’re back to the chaos.)



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  1. On Wednesdays for the EVE game I reckon you should be thinking of coming out and joining the corp/alliance in 0.0 space. We’ve got it nice and cosy out here and I’m really enjoying it. 🙂


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