What to do in the Barrow Downs when you’re (about to be) dead.

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Wotcha everyone,

For all my love of Skirmishes and skirmishing, I tend to be a bit lazy (big shock to both of my regular readers, I’m sure.  Wotcha, regular readers!) because most of my skirmishing is done solo as I level up my Hunter and Evil Captain alts.

Because I’m a slacker and they were both about level 30 when Skirmishes were introduced, I would go into the Siege of Gondamon as it was one of two available choices.  Tuckborough, being the other choice, tends to confuse me.  I get lost easily, even there.  So it was a lot easier to let the monsties come to me, and defence is a lot easier than attacking.  The available guards also help a lot, even if they do try their level-best to hoover away all my xp.

Since I got Hawley to level 65 and Lucky all trained up, I only tend to skirmish with him when there’s the offer of some hot group action.  Life as a Minstrel is more fun when it’s someone else you’re healing.  Or something.

So it was that I got to take a walk away from Gondamon (and all that lovely leet doomy-dps Hunter/Evil Captain action) and step into…  The Barrow Downs.

It was an attempt to put a 12 person kinship skirmish together, but it was a few people short, so some dropped out and we made a 6 person group.  Then we started discussions on where we wanted to go, and flushed with the excitement of going somewhere different, I kept jumping up and down shouting about the Barrow Downs until everyone else was too tired to object.

Bad Hawley.

Their comments regarding the difficulty just spurred me on.  If someone tells me we’re likely to survive 2 minutes, then I want to try, just to see if we can get to 5.  Maybe, somewhere back in time, one of Hawley’s caveman ancestors did Wrong And Bad™ things with a lemming.  Who knows?

As it was, my first trip into that particular skirmish was hilarious fun.  I like healing skirmishes, because with the preponderance of healing Skirmish Soldiers out there, many fights are quite easy for me.  And with those same Skirmish Soldiers not appearing in group lists, healing them is a case of keeping an eye out for their icons and topping them up every so often.

And when things go bad, they tend to go really bad.  Which is what happened after the 15 minute mark.  Too much fire, too much pain, and suddenly Skirmish Soldiers are dropping like flies, and I’m following them.

We survived to 17 or so minutes.  Seeing as the objective is to survive for an hour, that might not seem all that great, but I did have hilarious fun, and got to throw a lot of healing out in a short period of time.  Best of all?

No walking.  There is a fantastic pillar-like stone to stand next to/lean against, and that means little chance of getting lost.  Just how I like things.

After a bit of surprise at the amount of time we survived, we went off to go and defend the Prancing Pony.  Apparently some ruffians were taking umbrage at the amount of arrrrrrrr-peeeee that was taking place inside, and had decided to remedy this by burning the place down.

Resisting the urge to help them, I elected to join my fellows in defending the place.  Bree wouldn’t have as good a skyline without the Pony anyway.

Again, much fun was had.  A successful resolution meant being able to hold my head high again, after having it beaten low by a horde of the dead in the Barrow Downs.

It was a fun evening, and one that reminded me of how much fun group Skirmishes can be.  I had wondered at how often I’d be able to repeat them, but the gameplay is really nice, especially the defence scenarios, where managing resources is really nice.  It’s also nice that this is stress-free gaming; no worrying about messing up and ruining everyone’s night, as you sometimes get in raiding.




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  1. When the Barrow Downs skirmish was first introduced, there was apparently an exploit that allowed Burglars to remain stealthed for the full duration. A clear exploit, perhaps, but I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get to try it out 🙂

    • Once a burglar, always a burglar, eh Levin? ;D

      But I do agree with Hawley it was extremely good fun, and I’m really glad we did go to Barrow Downs after all! Though I’m buffed you didn’t mention that it was suggested by a particularly evil captain, who wanted to see us all die, so that everyone can join the horde of the dead which he can/will be able to summon to his command… 😉

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