Me and the Redshirt.

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Wotcha everyone,

Whenever I’ve settled down to write any particular post recently, a phrase keeps popping into my head;

I want Star Trek Online to be a fantastic game.

The reason I’ve not been able to go any further is because I’ve been having trouble going any further without adding a whole load of negativity hiding behind a big fat “But”.

I don’t want to be negative.  There are plenty of people on the intarnet more than ready to dance on Star Trek Online’s grave without even requiring its birth, and I’ve no need to try and score points by joining them.

MMO gaming is my favourite style of game, and I really hate it when a game is released and is rubbish.  So that’s why I want Star Trek Online to be a fantastic game.  I’m also impatient.  I want to play a game at release, not in 6 months to a year’s time.  Good at launch means a solid base of players to play with, rather than enjoying a ghost town when it’s finally deemed to be worth the money.

It’s also the fact that more good games on the market is good for us in so many different ways.  More choice, more fun.

Then there’s that license.  Whilst Star Trek will never be Star Wars for me, it’s still an important and treasured part of my childhood, and therefore upbringing as a geek.  At the very least, the tropes and clichés that Star Trek created have provided entertainment through many, many years.

Yes, Mr Redshirt, that’s you.  You and your colleagues the annoyingly fluffy but fast breeding alien pet, aliens that look like a pasta based dish, and swirly things in space have given me much joy through the decades.  And you automatically make me take more interest in the game than the current crop of soon-to-be released games.

Yet I haven’t preordered Star Trek Online, and I’ve no intentions of caving in at the last minute.  If Aion taught me anything, it’s that I’m going to wait until a game is released and I’ve had the opportunity to at least see what’s happening with the game and its community before I part with my money.  And yes, I’m sure Aion has a great community, but it just wasn’t for me, and a little more patience would have saved me the cost of that discovery.

This means that Star Trek Online will have to do more than look all alluring, with its shiny ships and massive range of customisation options.

Especially when Cryptic seem to be doing their level best to really annoy and disappoint any players that are in or around Champions Online.  Yes, Champions Online and Star Trek Online are different entities, but behind both is Cryptic, and they make the decisions.

I’m doing my level best to be optimistic about the launch of Star Trek Online, but it’s really hard when Cryptic seem to positively *want* to make me save my money.  How can this be?  Surely it’s their job to make me want to hand over my money?

I don’t want to spend money on a gamble, especially if it’s just going to make me feel bad and stupid at wasting money that could be spent on bills.  Or just saved.

Of course, if Star Trek Online *is* a fantastic game, then it will still be a fantastic game a month after launch.  At which point, I’ll have no qualms joining everyone else, and being a bit behind.  It’s not like I’m a sprint-leveller anyway.

If Star Trek Online isn’t fantastic (or in the worst-case scenario; Stinks of Bad), I won’t be surprised.  There are so many warnings that it’s hard to be anything but ready for disappointment.  Yet I shall remain optimistic, even if it’s unfounded optimism.  Because Star Trek deserves a fantastic game.



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