Hunters. A Bit Dangerous.

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Wotcha everyone,

Hunters are a bit dangerous.

I know, it’s not exactly a newsflash.  And there’s plenty of places on the intarnet for those who really want some news.

At *M*M*O*S*H* Crimebase, there is just unfounded opinion.

And this unfounded opinion thinks Hunters are a bit dangerous.  I’ve come to this conclusion after playing my little Hunter through some skirmishes, and he’s quite frankly eaten the Siege of Gondamon alive.  A few times.

Herrol the Hunter is level 33 at the moment, and I’ve always felt like the early to late 30s are a sweet spot for Lord of the Rings characters.  They’re just coming into some lovely skills, the power level is high, and the mobs aren’t getting as many hit points or nasty abilities that they do at later levels.

That’s my impression anyway, but playing Herrol (yeah, I seem to have a thing for character names beginning with an “H”.  Go figure) is a lovely change from playing Hawley.

For a start, I can use a bottle of Fire Oil, and see all my bow attack icons change to a funky burny aspect.  And having a protector soldier (currently named Lukki, as he’s a dwarf) who is surprisingly able to tank more often than not, means I can kick back and throw out some shapes in the church of damage.

The damage…  I’m pretty sure that despite being half Hawley’s level, Herrol is already kicking out more doom-based pain.  I’m not complaining, just envious.



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